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Saturday, December 14, 2019


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‘Homophobic’ Lib Dem defector Phillip Lee, who wanted to segregate trans prisoners, fails to win seat

The former Tory MP Phillip Lee, whose dramatic defection to the Lib Dems in September caused several LGBT+ MPs to quit the party, has failed to win a seat in the general election. Lee previously abstained on a vote on equal marriage and tried to introduce an amendment to a bill which would ban HIV-positive immigrants from entering the country. And earlier this month he said trans prisoners should be segregated in separate facilities during a webchat with Mumsnet users. In the general election Lee was campaigning for the Lib Dems in...
2019 General Electionconservative mpEducationLGBT-inclusive educationNewsPhilip DaviesPoliticsShipleyUKYorkshire

The Tory MP who single-handedly delayed LGBT-inclusive education has increased his majority

Anti-LGBT+, anti-feminist Conservative MP Philip Davies, who single-handedly delayed regulations to make LGBT-inclusive education mandatory, has increased his majority in Shipley, Yorkshire. In yesterday’s general election (December 12), the MP held onto his seat and increased his majority by 1,561 votes. Earlier this year, Davies objected to the government motion that codifies new LGBT-inclusive guidance for relationships education in primary schools, and relationships and sex education in secondary schools. Under Parliamentary rules, a single MP can hold up approval on the measure, stalling its passage. In his speech he claimed...
Boris Johnsonburkachannel 4Film and TVgeneral electionIslamIslamophobiaReligionStanley JohnsonUK

Rob Rinder takes Boris Johnson’s father to task for shocking ‘Islamophobia’ live on air

The gay barrister and TV personality Rob Rinder fiercely shut down Boris Johnson’s father after he stunned a live studio audience with an ‘Islamophobic’ comment about female fighter pilots. Stanley Johnson, 79, appeared on Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night programme alongside a panel that included Rinder, journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy and comedian Nish Kumar. As the panel waited for the election results to be announced, they discussed topical issues such as the burka. “If I was a female fighter jet pilot, I would expect someone to say, ‘don’t wear a burka,'”...
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