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Five Times Josh Hartnett Stripped Naked On Our Screens [NSFW]

Hard to believe, but former(?) Hollywood twink, Josh Hartnett, is becoming 41-years-old this week. Yep, the sexy hunk is becoming… a daddy? Either way, it’s an excellent excuse to take...


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Marvel has revealed who its first LGBTQ superhero will be

The character will have an LGBTQ storyline in their next film. After what feels like forever, with Marvel executives constantly promising that an LGBTQ superhero is coming, the studio has revealed who the first one will be. Bosses had previously hinted that the character might already be part of the cinematic universe, and that has been confirmed as it was revealed that Valkyrie will have a same-sex storyline in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. At the San Diego Comic Con, Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, said: “As new king,...
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