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Man epically calls out dad’s homophobia after saying he must be a ‘terrible parent’ for having two gay sons

A gay man defended his brother and called out his father’s homophobic comments after he said he felt like a “terrible parent” because he had two gay sons. Reid Chandler posted screenshots on Twitter of a text he sent to his father, but was not prepared for it to go viral with now almost 30,000 likes. Chandler and his brother visited their parents for Thanksgiving. While Chandler came out as gay eight years ago, his brother came out during the visit. When their father drove them to the airport to...
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These two women kissed in front of a ‘homophobic Trump supporter’ and it will make your day

A video has gone viral on Twitter of two women who decided to shut down a “homophobic Trump supporter” in the best way possible. The man was demonstrating on campus at the University of California San Diego wearing a red Trump t-shirt and holding a rainbow striped sign that defined marriage as “traditional, one man and one woman”. The two students decided that the best way to retaliate was to share a beautiful kiss right in front of him, which resulted in screams and cheers from the students surrounding them....
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Evian has the best response to a homophobe who claimed water bottle design was ‘gay propaganda’

Fellas, is it gay to drink bottled water? That’s the question Twitter users asked after a user dumped a bottle of Evian with an LGBT-inclusive design in the bin. The French company released a design of the bottle featuring a chic queer couple holding hand-in-hand as part of their ‘Prestige’ range last year. When the line was first announced, it became a magnet for homophobic backlash. Some critics denounced the brand for “promoting homosexuality” while others called for a boycott. But even an entire year on, people remained enraged that...
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