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Friday, October 18, 2019


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Woman asks the internet if she’s an a**hole for telling her transgender ex to dress more ‘appropriately’

A woman whose former spouse recently came out as trans asked the internet for advice after an argument over her ex’s dress sense. The unnamed woman turned to Reddit after a fierce argument with her trans ex, Laura. She told the website that since coming out as trans last year, Laura had begun to dress in “extreme clothing”. “She’s gone from wearing relatively normal dresses and skirts to micro-minis, fishnets, big heels, the full nines, and bold makeup too,” she wrote. “Laura is a tall woman (6’4 or so) so...
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Schools U-turn on trans bathroom policy after staff and students receive death threats

Schools in Georgia have reversed a trans-inclusive bathroom policy after staff and students received death threats. The new trans-inclusive policy allowed trans students to use the bathroom that aligned with their gender identity. But on October 16, the school board said that due to “many serious safety concerns” that had arisen as a consequence of implementing the trans-inclusive policy – with harassment of students and vandalism of school property – the district would be returning to the previous bathroom policy, which means trans students must use single-stall gender-neutral bathrooms. “School...
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The way this trans man’s family expresses solidarity with his dream of having top surgery will make your heart burst

A Brazilian man’s family have expressed their solidarity with his dream of having top surgery in a heartwarming way that has gone viral for all the right reasons. Richard Alcântara, who is trans and lives in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, goes topless in front of his family for the first time with bandages binding his chest in a video that has more than three million views on Twitter and 12,000 Facebook shares. The video shows his chest covered with a makeshift binder. Alcântara walks towards a line of...
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