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Evangelical pastor who was sacked for coming out as gay in 1980s has been reinstated after 35 years

A pastor who was effectively sacked from his church because he is gay has been reinstated more than 35 years after he left. Ralph Carl Wushke was first ordained into the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) in 1978. In 1984, he left, feeling that he was no longer able to keep his sexuality a secret. A number of years later, he still felt the calling to serve as a pastor. But when he contacted the church, he was given the cold shoulder. “One by one, the bishops just said,...
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This guy is living with six brothers and having sex with two of them, yet somehow it isn’t a reality TV show

Sometimes, a series of words all fall together and form a sentence that you can’t help but read over and over again. Words strung together that you thought you’d never see in your lifetime, such as ‘Donald Trump Jr’s book is a New York Times bestseller‘, or ‘a gender reveal party involved a hippo munching a Jell-O-filled watermelon’. Or: “What’s the word for the thing when you live with six brothers and have sex with two of them?” Oh. Uh. Man having sex with two out of six brothers he’s...
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