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Investigation Reveals Dozens of Criminal Cases Invoking ‘Trump’ in Connection With Violence, Threats, Alleged Assaults

Last week, under fire for his rhetoric, President Donald Trump actually claimed he thinks it “brings people together.” An ABC News investigation find that the people President Trump’s rhetoric “brings together” include mostly white men, in criminal cases involving violence, threats, and alleged assaults against mostly minorities, including African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and gay men. “I think my rhetoric brings people together,” President Trump said, just days after an alleged white supremacist allegedly shot and killed 22 people in an El Paso, Texas Walmart. Minutes earlier, it is believed, he posted an...
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Man stabs 18-year-old son in Chile for being gay

An 18-year-old man in Chile has reportedly been stabbed by his father because he is gay. The incident allegedly occurred in Quilpué and was reported by the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh). The 18-year-old, who has not been named, was stabbed by his father after his parents had an argument about his sexual orientation, according to the man’s mother. The man said he was embarrassed to have ‘a f**got son’ During the couple’s argument, the man reportedly said that he was embarrassed to have a “f**got son.” She...

Pakistani transgender woman ‘kidnapped and tortured’ by gang

A gang of thugs reportedly kidnapped and tortured a transgender woman in Mardan, Pakistan, shaving off her hair after she refused to give them money. Shakeela claims to have been taken from outside of a mosque on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, which fell on June 5 in Pakistan. She said that the attackers held her against her will for three hours, beating her and shaving her head after she refused to pay them 1 million rupees (£5,200). The 27-year-old works as a dancer in Mardan. According to the...
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Brighton falls victim to rush of LGBT attacks

An LGBT+ charity has reported a spate of assaults on Brighton’s queer community. Brighton is widely regarded as one of England’s most liberal, LGBT-friendly towns. But in recent weeks as many as seven LGBT people have fallen victim to assault, according to Alan Flack, founder of the Rainbow Hub charity. “To this day we’re not sure if they specifically targeted gay people or if it was just about robbery,” Flack told local newspaper The Argus. “It really took us by surprise. I’ve never seen attacks like that in such a...
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