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Twitter ‘banned transphobia’ more than a year ago – but research shows the ban is failing trans people

Despite having banned misgendering and deadnaming in what was hailed by many as a pro-trans move, Twitter remains a site of abuse for the trans community. A year ago, Twitter updated its terms of service to prohibit misgendering and deadnaming on its platform in an effort to curtail anti-trans abuse. The social-media company clearly said when it made the changes last year that any user deliberately or repeatedly targeting a trans person with deadnaming or misgendering would face having their account permanently suspended. And, according to Forbes, Twitter actioned more...
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This 2004 Christmas movie with two gay dads was remade with heterosexual parents for its US release. Yes, really

We always love to see LGBT+ characters in films. It’s a nice treat to see yourself represented in whatever you’re watching, even if it’s only for a brief, fleeting moment. But that moment has proven particularly fleeting for fans of A Very Cool Christmas. The 2004 film was released in the United States under that title and was released as Too Cool for Christmas in Canada. The two films are almost identical – except for one major (and bizarre) change. The American version of the festive film features opposite-sex parents...
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This story about Kim Cattrall declaring herself ‘Liverpool’s Cleopatra’ on a gravestone is going viral – for obvious reasons

With a news cycle that churns out climate change catastrophes and politics protests every four seconds, it’s only natural that sometimes, you’ll miss the news that really counts. Such as, but not limited to, Kim Cattrall inscribing herself on her family gravestone as ‘the Liverpool Cleopatra’. For those unaware that Cattrall sees herself like the Egyptian queen, you’re not alone. Author Bella Mackie expressed her disbelief on Twitter that they missed the “best celeb story of all time”. Cattrall, 62, from Mossley Hill, ignited fury from her family when she...
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