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This is why lesbian couples are far more likely to divorce than gay men

Lesbian couples are far more likely to get a divorce than gay men, accounting for around three quarters of divorces between same-sex couples in the UK. The same trend was also seen in the Netherlands, the very first country to introduce same-sex marriage in 2001. In the last ten years, 15 per cent of marriages between two men failed, compared with 30 percent between two women. Lisa Power, one of the co-founders of Stonewall, told The Economist that the number of lesbian couples getting divorced might have something to do...
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Cisgender same-sex couples making babies together without a donor could soon become a reality

Researchers in China have said that they are currently testing a technique on monkeys that could allow cisgender same-sex couples to have babies biologically related to both of them. The method has only been tested before on mice, but moving on to the next stage of research brings scientists a step closer to making it possible for humans. In mammals, almost every cell in our body contains two sets of genetic material, one set each from the sperm and egg that fused to create us. The only exceptions are sperm...
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Almost seven out of ten US same-sex couples now meet through online dating

65 percent of same-sex couples in the US now meet online and through dating apps, compared to 39 percent of opposite-sex couples, a study has shown. Researchers Michael J Rosenfeld and Sonia Hausen of Stanford University, along with Reuben J Thomas of the University of New Mexico, gathered data from two previous studies to publish ‘Disintermediating your friends: How online dating in the United States displaces other ways of meeting’. According to the study: “From the end of World War II until 2013, the most popular way heterosexual Americans met...
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Adoptions to LGBT+ people in England reach record high while overall number continues to decline

The number of adoptions by LGBT+ couples has reached a record high, according to the Department for Education, while the overall number of adoptions has dropped for the fourth year in a row. 490 adoptions were to same-sex couples in England in 2018/19, which broke the previous record of 450 and means that at least one in seven adoptions were to LGBT+ people this year. Statistics do not record whether single adopters are LGBT+, or whether couples are LGBT+ if they are in an opposite-sex relationship, so it is likely...
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