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Guy outs his girlfriend as gay after she publicly accuses him of cheating in what could be the messiest breakup ever

Could this possibly be the messiest break-up of all time? A man has taken to Reddit to share his horrifying break-up story, which involves accusations of cheating and public outings. Posting in the popular “Am I the Asshole” sub-Reddit, the Reddit-user wrote: “I know the title sounds absolutely terrible.” “My ex and I were together for five years. I decided to propose, but she rejected me. The next day, we had a talk. She realized that she was gay, since ‘I’ve been trying to hard to please myself from men.’...

A ridiculous homophobe refused to hire a beautician because she has queer friends. Yes, really

Homophobes often get upset at the most ridiculous things. They don’t like gay people getting married, they don’t like gay people having jobs. The list goes on and on. Now, one woman has decided to add something new to that list: she doesn’t like her beautician having gay friends. In a bizarre text exchange shared on Reddit, a beautician was fired by a religious woman because she found out that she hangs around with queer people. In a lengthy text where the homophobic woman is clearly very upset, she tells...
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