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The Mueller Hearing and the Death of Facts

Listening to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony on July 24, the nation heard a duel over the facts. Not what the facts imply, not our response to them, but what the facts are. Founding Father John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” But this is no longer Adams’ America, where facts were unalterable. As a scholar of philosophy and what I call the “post-truth” era,...
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Watch: Mueller Blows Up Trump’s Lies With One Word

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifying before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning was asked a critical question by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY). His answer, just one word, destroys months and months of President Donald Trump’s lies. “Did you actually totally exonerate the president?” Chairman Nadler asked. “No,” Robert Mueller replied. JUST IN: Chairman Nadler: "Did you actually totally exonerate the president?" Mueller: "No." — MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 24, 2019 This was President Trump’s response barely hours after his hand-picked Attorney General, Bill Barr, released his fabricated four-page letter...
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President Freak Out: Trump Goes Ballistic, Launches Early AM Tweetstorm Before Long-Awaited Mueller Testimony Begins

President Donald Trump did not appear as a man with nothing to hide, a man who truly believes the Mueller Report reached a “No Collusion! No Obstruction!” conclusion as he’s insisted since Attorney General Bill Barr came to town to run interference and protect him. Wednesday morning Trump took to Twitter to release his anxiety upon the American public. He is in full freak-out mode. Trump is angry the former Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, made a last-minute request that was granted: “Aaron Zebley, a top aide on Mueller’s team, will...
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Robert Mueller Testifies Before Congress: LIVE VIDEO

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies at 8:30 am before the House Judiciary Committee, and begins at noon before the House Intelligence Committee. Watch live coverage on one of the streams below. The post Robert Mueller Testifies Before Congress: LIVE VIDEO appeared first on Towleroad Gay News.
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DOJ Censors Mueller Ahead of Highly-Anticipated Congressional Testimony

Claims ‘Presidential Privilege’ President Donald Trump’s Dept. of Justice is censoring former Special Counsel Robert Mueller ahead of his highly-anticipated congressional testimony Wednesday. According to Politico the Trump DOJ is claiming anything outside of what is already published in the special counsel’s 448-page report falls under “presidential privilege” and cannot be used during his testimony. “In extensive discussions since the former special counsel was subpoenaed to testify on June 25, department officials have emphasized that they consider any evidence he gathered throughout the course of his investigation to be ‘presumptively privileged’...
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Robert Mueller to Testify Under Subpoena to House Committees on July 17

Compelled by subpoena, U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify openly to the House Judiciary and House Intelligence committees in sequential open sessions on July 17. It will be the first time Mueller has been questioned by Congress over his report into Russian interference in the U.S. election. Aides to Mueller will also testify in closed door sessions. Rachel MAddow spoke with House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff about the testimony on Tuesday night. The post Robert Mueller to Testify Under Subpoena to House Committees on July 17 appeared first...
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Zachary Quinto, Wilson Cruz, Joel Grey and 15 Celebs Portray Trump Officials in Play Ripped from the Pages of the Mueller Report: WATCH

The Investigation: A Search for the Truth in Ten Acts, a play based on the Mueller Report, got a staged reading last night by actors Annette Bening, Kevin Kline, John Lithgow, Frederick Weller, Ben McKenzie, Michael Shannon, Noah Emmerich, Justin Long, Jason Alexander, Gina Gershon, Wilson Cruz, Joel Grey, Alyssa Milano, Kyra Sedgwick, Alfre Woodard, Piper Perabo, Zachary Quinto, and Aidan Quinn. The play was written by Robert Schenkkan and produced by Law Works. You can watch some highlights below, plus, the full streamed production underneath that (it starts with...
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READ: Testimony Released – White House Stopped Hope Hicks From Answering Judiciary Committee Questions 155 Times

Former Trump White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was prevented from answering questions from the House Judiciary Committee 155 times, by a White House attorney who was present in the room for her closed door testimony Wednesday. Chairman Jerry Nadler has just released the official transcript of the interview. It spans 273 pages. “For example,” Talking Points Memo reports, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Nadler “asked Hicks whether Corey Lewandowski was hired as an official in the White House.” “White House attorney Michael Purpura immediately objected,” TPM notes, despite...
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House Dems to Begin Hearings on ‘Lessons From the Mueller Report’ in Clear Move Toward Impeachment Path

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has just announced a series of hearings will begin next week on “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes.” The first witness will be John Dean, President Richard Nixon’s former White House Counsel, who in the 1970’s became a key witness against the now-late president. Dean has become a strong opponent of President Trump and said last year Congress has “little choice” but to begin impeachment hearings. “No one is above the law,” Chairman Nadler said in a statement, as Axios reports....
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