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Friday, October 18, 2019

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Woman asks the internet if she’s an a**hole for telling her transgender ex to dress more ‘appropriately’

A woman whose former spouse recently came out as trans asked the internet for advice after an argument over her ex’s dress sense. The unnamed woman turned to Reddit after a fierce argument with her trans ex, Laura. She told the website that since coming out as trans last year, Laura had begun to dress in “extreme clothing”. “She’s gone from wearing relatively normal dresses and skirts to micro-minis, fishnets, big heels, the full nines, and bold makeup too,” she wrote. “Laura is a tall woman (6’4 or so) so...
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Gay couple adopts baby living with HIV after she was rejected by 10 other families

A gay couple in Argentina have adopted a baby that was rejected by 10 other families because she is HIV positive. Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra decided to adopt as far back as 2011, and in 2014 they received a call to say that a newborn baby was ready to join their family, UNILAD reports. The girl had been born with HIV and had tragically been rejected by 10 other families. But her HIV-status did not matter to Pighin and Vijarra. Speaking to local media, Ariel said that he knew...
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Daughter of a same-sex couple ‘doesn’t exist’ after being refused citizenship by three different countries

The daughter of a same-sex couple is being refused Irish citizenship because she was born through IVF, despite one of her mothers being a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. Sinéad Deevy, from Ireland, and Kashka Sankowska, from Poland, told the Irish Times that their daughter “is stateless, she doesn’t exist”. The couple were living in Ireland together, but left the country on a “temporary basis” to have a baby through IVF as the process was too expensive at home. Sankowska tried for four years to get pregnant through IVF...
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