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‘Why Was I Not Told?’: Trump Ignores All Facts to Claim He Had No Idea Mike Flynn Was Under Investigation

One of Donald Trump’s first acts as President was to order the firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, on January 30, 2017 – just ten days after he was sworn in. Before she was fired, Yates went to the White House to warn Trump that his National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, was under investigation,  was compromised, and was subject to possible blackmail attempts by Russia. Yates was not the first to warn trump about Flynn. When President-elect Donald Trump sat down with President Barack Obama two days after the 2016...
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‘We’ve Never Taken in 10 Cents Until I Got Elected’: Trump Falsely Claims US Has Never Before Imposed Any Tariffs

President Donald Trump repeatedly claimed the federal government is taking in “tens of billions of dollars” in tariffs leveled on foreign goods, suggesting those taxes are being paid by foreign nations, when in reality they are being paid for by U.S. consumers. The President also claimed that no president before him has ever leveled tariffs on foreign goods, which is tremendously false. “We’ve never taken in ten cents until I got elected,” Trump told reporters Monday from the Oval Office. That’s a lie. Trump refuses to stop lying about tariffs,...
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Watch: Protester Interrupts Trump’s Lie-A-Palooza Rally To Yell ‘Traitor’, Gives Him The Finger

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Less than two minutes into his campaign speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday night, President Trump lied about special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, according to Vox. Trump also falsely claimed that Democrats want to “rip down every building in Manhattan and rebuild them” as part of their Green New Deal resolution. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Midway through Trump’s nearly hour-and-a-half speech, Isiah Lee began yelling, “traitor” to the dismay of nearby Trump supporters. In a video 30-second video clip of the incident...
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National Cathedral Calls Out Trump’s Lie, Says Trump Didn’t Need To Give ‘Approval’ For McCain Funeral

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The Washington National Cathedral on Thursday disputed President Trump’s claim that he had to “approve” the funeral of the late Sen. John McCain (R) after Trump said he did not receive a “thank you” for approving a nice funeral for the late Arizona senator. “Washington National Cathedral was honored to host the funeral service for Senator John McCain,” a cathedral spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill on Thursday. “All funerals and memorial services at the Cathedral are organized by the family of the...
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