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Touching note sent to lesbian couple shows power of rainbow flags

A lesbian couple in the United States have received a touching note from a neighbour thanking them for displaying rainbow flags outside their house. In the powerful note, the neighbour said that seeing the rainbow flags outside the house helped give them the courage they needed to come out to their family. Sal Stow and Meghan Stabler, who are from Williamson County, Texas, shared an image of the note online, which also featured a drawing of a person holding both the rainbow flag and trans flag. Seeing rainbow flags gave...
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Ralph Lauren features same-sex couple for first time in advert

American fashion label Ralph Lauren has reportedly featured a same-sex couple in an advert for the first time. The latest ad for the New York-founded luxury brand’s Spring campaign, released on Thursday (March 28), is titled “Family is who you love” and includes a lesbian couple. The video, which is nearly a minute-and-a-half long, also shows multi-generational families and people of different ethnicities. A Ralph Lauren spokesperson told Ad Age that it was the first campaign by the company to portray a same-sex couple. Ralph Lauren features same-sex couple in...
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Lesbian couple refused dance classes because it’d make others ‘awkward’

A lesbian couple from Missouri believe they were discriminated against when a dance company refused to provide them with classes. Michelle King and Amanda Shelton booked lessons at Prestige Ballroom in St. Louis in the run-up to their wedding, reports ABC’s local-affiliate KTRK-TV. Shelton had bought King a Groupon for the classes so they could prepare for their big day. But King said that the dance instructor, Dave Thompson, refused their business because they are lesbians. Couple claim they were refused dance classes because they are lesbians “He was like...
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