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Thursday, February 20, 2020

lesbian couple

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Lesbian couple make history as first in the UK to carry baby in both wombs

A British lesbian couple have made history as the first in the UK to deliver a baby that was incubated in both of their wombs. Jasmine and Donna Francis-Smith, who live in Essex, were the first to access the treatment the London Women’s Clinic, in which Donna contributed the egg and incubated the embryo in her womb first, before it was transferred to Jasmine, who gave birth. More than 100 babies have been born via a similar process, sometimes known as reciprocal IVF, but that involves artificial incubation after the egg...
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Costa Rican lesbian couple faces hearing for ‘detriment of the family’

A lesbian couple in Costa Rica is being sued by the state for their 2015 marriage. According to the lawsuit, their crime is ‘falsedad ideológica en perjuicio de la familia’ (ideological falsehood to the detriment of the family). Laura Flórez-Estrada and Jasmin Elizondo married in July 2015 due to an error in the Registro Civil (Civil Registry). The state is also suing the couple’s two witness and the notary who registered their marriage. Same-sex couples currently do not have the right to marry in Costa Rica, although that could soon change....
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