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READ: Testimony Released – White House Stopped Hope Hicks From Answering Judiciary Committee Questions 155 Times

Former Trump White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was prevented from answering questions from the House Judiciary Committee 155 times, by a White House attorney who was present in the room for her closed door testimony Wednesday. Chairman Jerry Nadler has just released the official transcript of the interview. It spans 273 pages. “For example,” Talking Points Memo reports, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Nadler “asked Hicks whether Corey Lewandowski was hired as an official in the White House.” “White House attorney Michael Purpura immediately objected,” TPM notes, despite...
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House Dems to Begin Hearings on ‘Lessons From the Mueller Report’ in Clear Move Toward Impeachment Path

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has just announced a series of hearings will begin next week on “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes.” The first witness will be John Dean, President Richard Nixon’s former White House Counsel, who in the 1970’s became a key witness against the now-late president. Dean has become a strong opponent of President Trump and said last year Congress has “little choice” but to begin impeachment hearings. “No one is above the law,” Chairman Nadler said in a statement, as Axios reports....
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The White House Just Delivered a Sweeping Rejection to House Investigators’ Requests for Documents and Testimony

The letter might as well have just read: “No.” The Washington Post reports White House Counsel Pat A. Cipollone has sent a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) refusing any and all requests for documents, and refusing refusing any and all testimony of current and even former White House aides. Cipollone also repeated the White House’s flawed argument that Congress does not have the authority to perform investigative oversight of the White House, a claim it made broadly on Tuesday in court. That claim was roundly debunked and...
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Nadler: Contempt of Congress for Barr If Unredacted Mueller Report Not Released Next Week

Deadline: 9 AM Monday House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler on Friday threatened Attorney General Bill Barr with contempt of Congress if the Dept. of Justice does not provide his committee with the full, unredacted Mueller report, including the underlying evidence and grand jury material, by next week. The deadline is set for 9 AM Monday. In a letter sent to the Attorney General, Chairman Nadler offered to work with the DOJ “to prioritize a specific, defined set of underlying investigative and evidentiary materials for immediate production,” according to CNN. “The...
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Did Barr Lie to Congress? House Judiciary Chair ‘Notes With Interest’ Attorney General’s Testimony

‘Intent to Deceive’ House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has just posted clear cut evidence that appears to show Attorney General Bill Barr may have lied to Congress. Nadler did not accuse the Attorney General of lying, but the evidence suggests he did. Chairman Nadler took to Twitter, first stating that “Mueller has written a letter objecting to Barr’s summary of his report because it ‘did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of the investigation.'” Indeed, many are now calling Barr’s actions a “cover up.” “I have demanded...
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Nadler Not Taking ‘No’ for an Answer – House Judiciary Chair Officially Subpoenas DOJ for Full Mueller Report

In the past few minutes House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) officially subpoenaed the Dept. of Justice for the full, unredacted Mueller report, and all underlying materials including grand jury evidence. “I have issued a subpoena to the Department of Justice for the full version of the Mueller report and the underlying evidence. The Department is required to comply with that subpoena by May 1,” Nadler said in a statement. Here he is on CBS News earlier this morning discussing the subpoena: NEW: @RepJerryNadler tells @CBSNews the House Judiciary Committee...
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Nadler Announces He Will Subpoena DOJ for Entire Unredacted Mueller Report

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has just announced he will subpoena the Dept. of Justice for the full, complete, and unredacted Mueller report. “I will issue a subpoena for the full report and the underlying materials,” Chairman Nadler announced. Nadler also announced that contrary to claims made by Attorney General William Barr or his office, no separate, less-redacted Mueller report has been delivered to Congress, nor has Barr’s office notified Congress directly that it intends to do so, and if so, when. “The timing of when Nadler will issue...
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Trump Threatens to Sue Accounting Firm if It Complies With Subpoena to Hand Over His Financial Records

Attorneys for President Donald Trump on Monday threatened to take legal action against the accounting firm Mazars USA if it complies with a subpoena from House Democrats for the president’s financial records. In a letter to Mazars, Trump’s attorneys — William S. Consovoy and Stefan Passantino — accuse Democrats of trying to take down the president, Politico reported. “It is no secret that the Democrat Party has decided to use its new House majority to launch a flood of investigations into the president’s personal affairs in hopes of using anything...
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House Democrats Will Subpoena ‘Full and Complete’ Mueller Report Wednesday if Barr Ignores Deadline

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is keeping his promise of a hard and firm April 2 deadline for Attorney General William Barr to release the full Mueller report to Congress. “Nadler’s committee is seeking to obtain the ‘full and complete report,’ which spans nearly 400 pages, as well as underlying evidence,” The Washington Post reports Monday morning. In a statement Monday, the powerful Democrat announced his committee will vote Wednesday to issue a subpoena to the Attorney General if the Tuesday deadline passes without the report being delivered. Barr...
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Watch: House Judiciary Chair Nadler Smacks Down AG Barr – Says ‘We Will Ask the Attorney General to Testify’

Nadler: Barr “made a decision” to not charge the President with obstruction of justice “in under 48 hours.” House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler Sunday evening held a press conference to excoriate Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump just hours after a four-page letter on the Mueller report was given to Congress. “President Trump is wrong: with the report does not amount to a so-called ‘total exoneration.’ Special Counsel Mueller was clear that his report ‘does not exonerate’ the President,” Nadler said. Chairman Nadler also mocked Attorney General Barr as...
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