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Tel Aviv stabbing: Hundreds protest attack on 16-year-old living in LGBT centre

More than a thousand people took to the streets of Tel Aviv after a 16-year-old was stabbed outside of an LGBT+ youth centre. Protestors waved rainbow and trans flags as they marched in their hundreds on Sunday (July 28), in protest at Friday’s (July 26) attack which left a teenage boy in a serious condition. “Tel Aviv will not prevent the next child being hurt,” trans activist Lila Blilat told The Jerusalem Post. כאלף איש צועדים בצעדת קהילת הלהט”ב בתל אביב תחת הכותרת “נלחמות על החיים שלנו”@OferHalfonKan — כאן...
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In Wake of Mass Outrage, Israel’s Education Minister Flips and is Now ‘Strongly Opposed’ to Gay Conversion Therapy

Israel’s new education minister, Rafi Peretz, has done a sudden about face in the wake of worldwide condemnation of his remarks supporting harmful gay conversion therapy. Peretz wrote a letter to school principals on Tuesday, The Jerusalem Post reports, in which he said of students confused about their sexual orientation: “I always listened intently to their distress and on occasion recommended they consult with professionals. However, I never gave them a cold shoulder or advised them to do conversion therapy to which I am strongly opposed. I know that conversion...
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Israeli Education Minister Endorses Gay Conversion Therapy: ‘It Is Possible’

In an interview with Israel‘s Channel 12, Israel’s new education minister, Rafi Peretz, endorsed harmful gay conversion therapy for minors. Following the interview’s broadcast, hundreds of protesters in Tel Aviv called on Peretz to resign. Said Peretz when asked whether it’s possible to “convert” people who believe they’re gay: “I think it is possible. I have to tell you that I have a very deep understanding of this kind of education and I have done this.” Asked what he would say to a student who said they thought they might...
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