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This UK doctor thinks asking patients about their orientation or gender identity is ‘laughable’ and ‘offensive’

The Women and Equalities Committee has published a report on “unacceptable inequality” in LGBT+ healthcare, and recommended that asking patients about their sexual orientation and gender identity should be made mandatory. The committee said the monitoring of sexual orientation and gender identity by the NHS and social care sector would improve “poor and patchy” data collection and help to identify strategies to tackle health inequality for LGBT+ people. According to the report, published on Tuesday, October 22, LGBT+ people are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, mental health problems,...
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Around 1 in 5 trans patients are denied proper care by their GPs, according to this senior nurse

A senior nurse at a private Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) has said that around 20 percent of the trans people she treats have been denied care and support by their GPs. Mary Burke, senior clinical nurse at The London Transgender Clinic and specialist in hormone therapy, said that GPs refusing to provide adequate care to trans people is “utterly disgraceful”. Burke said in the case of one of her patients, she approached their GP to organise “shared care” between the GP and the private clinic. She offered them “support and...
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Chris Hemsworth’s Workout Was So Hot His Shirt Burst into Flames: WATCH

It was thirsty Thursday for Chris Hemsworth, who shot this video to promote Centr, the fitness app launched by the actor and his team. Said Hemsworth: “It was so hot my shirt literally burst into flames, luckily I was wearing my favourite pair of fire retardant shorts .” This is how Thor gets the job done. View this post on Instagram It was so hot my shirt literally burst into flames, luckily I was wearing my favourite pair of fire retardant shorts give this circuit a go 6 times through...
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Researchers behind ‘controversial’ puberty blockers study slammed by BBC’s Newsnight cleared of any wrongdoing

Scientists working on a study into the effects of giving puberty blockers to transgender children that was slammed by BBC’s Newsnight have been investigated and cleared of any wrongdoing. The study is important because it partially formed the basis for lowering the age at which trans kids can be given puberty blockers from 16 to 11 in 2011. Opponents of giving trans teenagers puberty blockers have used Newsnight’s claims about the study to say that it is dangerous and controversial to give trans teens the medication. Newsnight raised concerns about early...
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Grindr bans man who set up account to help people with chemsex and drug abuse issues

A man who set up a Grindr account to help people experiencing issues with drug abuse had his account repeatedly shut down by the hook-up app. Chemsex substance abuse expert Ignacio Labayen de Inza set up the Grindr account specifically to direct people to relevant advice on drug abuse. He also compiled his own research on drug dealing on the app – all voluntarily – by talking to both dealers and users and later presented the evidence to Grindr, Buzzfeed News reports. The chemsex substance abuse expert had his account...
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These Catholics think surrogacy reform will result in gays buying babies. Yes, really

A Catholic news site has suggested that reforming the UK’s outdated 1985 surrogacy laws would result in LGBT+ people buying babies. The piece from the Catholic Herald has the headline: “Is Britain about to legalise the selling of babies?” According to the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission, the surrogacy process “is governed by the Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 and certain provisions of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Acts 1990 and 2008”. The biggest problem with current surrogacy law is that a baby’s intended parents...
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