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Homophobia fell faster after same-sex marriage laws, research finds

New research has found that US states which legalised gay marriage before the 2015 Supreme Court ruling became more accepting of LGBT+ people at a quicker rate. The study led by psychologist Eugene Ofosu found that “while anti-gay bias has been decreasing over time,” it did so “at roughly double” the speed after states introduced equal marriage. “We find both implicit and explicit anti-gay bias was decreasing or stable over time before same-sex marriage legislation,” researchers wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “However, following the passing...
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Hong Kong no closer to ‘controversial’ marriage equality, leader says

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, this week said the government was no closer to legalizing same-sex marriage. The leader said the issue was still ‘controversial’ at a conference on Wednesday, according to Hong Kong Free Press. But, Lam admitted, a recent court ruling in favor of LGBTI rights ‘does help’ attracting foreign talent. Hong Kong’s highest court last year forced the immigration department to recognize overseas same-sex marriages when granting spousal visas. Ray Chan, Hong Kong’s only openly-gay lawmaker, accused lam of ‘hypocrisy and double standard’. ‘In front of...
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Costa Rica president to legalize same-sex marriage before court deadline

Costa Rica will legislate same-sex marriage before it becomes legally automatically in line with a Supreme Court ruling, the country’s president said. Alvarado told the Associated Press he would take action before a May 2020 court deadline. ‘We are, as a government, do everything that is respected as a right’ he said. In August last year, Costa Rica’s Supreme Court found the Family Code, which prevents same-sex marriage, was unconstitutional. The ruling said that if there was no legislation within 18 months, same-sex marriage will automatically come into law. Alvarado...
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These are the movies you need to watch to mark same-sex marriage in Taiwan

Taiwan is set to become the first country in Asia to legalize same sex unions by May 24. To mark the occasion, the region’s first online LGBTI streaming service, GagaOOLala, have chosen 24 movies on the topic. The ‘Go! Marriage Equality in Taiwan’ selection was made together with activist group Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan. ‘We hope the “Go! Marriage Equality in Taiwan” topic can help members of the LGBTQ+ community who didn’t think marriage is an option’ Robby Lu of GagaOOLala told Gay Star News. It is also for those...
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