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New Evidence That an Extraterrestrial Collision 12,800 Years Ago Triggered an Abrupt Climate Change for Earth

The muck that’s been accumulating at the bottom of this lake for 20,000 years is like a climate time capsule. Christopher R. Moore, CC BY-ND What kicked off the Earth’s rapid cooling 12,800 years ago? In the space of just a couple of years, average temperatures abruptly dropped, resulting in temperatures as much as 14 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in some regions of the Northern Hemisphere. If a drop like that happened today, it would mean the average temperature of Miami Beach would quickly change to that of current Montreal, Canada. Layers of...
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The queer branch of Extinction Rebellion have an important message: ‘There’s no Pride on a dead planet’

Rainbow Rebellion, the LGBT+ branch of Extinction Rebellion, is trying to show that during an ecological crisis, it’s marginalised communities who will be hit first. Extinction Rebellion has organised a fortnight of international action, which began on October 7, in cities around the world, calling for governments to take immediate action to address climate change. A spokesperson for Rainbow Rebellion gave a speech in London’s Parliament Square during protests on October 9. He said: “We are a diverse network hailing from all walks of life, united in the belief that...
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White Nationalists’ Extreme Solution to the Coming Environmental Apocalypse

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash White nationalists around the world are appropriating the language of environmentalism. The white nationalist who allegedly massacred 22 people in El Paso in early August posted a four-page screed on the chatroom 8chan. In it, the shooter blames his attack on the “Hispanic invasion of Texas” and the impending “cultural and ethnic replacement” of whites in America. The shooter also refers directly to the lengthy manifesto written by the man who allegedly murdered 52 in March in attacks motivated by Islamophobia on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand....
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Trump to Bulldoze ‘Endangered Species Act’ with Devastating Regulatory Rollback

Photo by Tanguy Sauvin on Unsplash The Trump administration is finalizing a devastating rollback that will gut the Endangered Species Act. The AP reports: “At least 10 attorneys general joined conservation groups in protesting an early draft of the changes, saying they put more wildlife at greater risk of extinction. A draft version of the changes released last year included ending blanket protections for animals newly deemed threatened and allowing federal authorities for the first time to consider the economic cost of protecting a particular species. Another change could let authorities disregard impacts from...
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Stephen Colbert Tells Straight Guys That Recycling Does Not Make Them Look Gay: WATCH

Stephen Colbert looked at a new study that revealed straight men avoid recycling to avoid looking gay. Said Colbert: “The study polled participants about hypothetical scenarios and found that certain eco-friendly activities like recycling and carrying groceries in a tote bag instead of a plastic one were seen as un-manly.” “Really?” asked Colbert. “Really, men? Is there no limit to straight male fragility? … Besides who said gay people suddenly have a reputation for being environmentally conscious? Have you seen the aftermath of a Gay Pride parade?” “Now straight men...

Straight men don’t reuse plastic bags for fear of looking gay, say researchers

Straight men will avoid reusable plastic bags and other environmentally-friendly efforts because of harmful gender stereotypes, a new study has suggested. Researchers found that certain attempts to be more environmentally conscious are often perceived as either masculine or feminine. Using a reusable shopping bag was labelled a “feminine” act by participants in the study, with both men and women found more likely to question a man’s sexuality if he shopped with a bag for life. Subjects were also more likely to question a woman’s sexual orientation if she displayed supposedly...
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Greenland Ice Sheet Experiences Biggest Melt of the Summer: 4.4 Million Swimming Pools of Water in One Day — VIDEO

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at record rates thanks to a heat wave and a melt that began at the beginning of May rather than, as it typically begins, at the end. This is a roaring glacial melt, under the bridge to Kangerlussiauq, Greenland where it's 22C today and Danish officials say 12 billions tons of ice melted in 24 hours, yesterday. pic.twitter.com/Rl2odG4xWj— Laurie Garrett (@Laurie_Garrett) August 1, 2019 For those keeping track, this means the #Greenland #icesheet ends July with a net mass loss of 197 Gigatonnes since the...
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High-Tech Fishing Gear Could Help Save Critically Endangered Right Whales

“Right Whale At Sea” by animalrescueblog is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0  Many fish, marine mammals and seabirds that inhabit the world’s oceans are critically endangered, but few are as close to the brink as the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis). Only about 411 of these whales exist today, and at their current rate of decline, they could become extinct within our lifetimes. From 1980 through about 2010, conservation efforts focused mainly on protecting whales from being struck by ships. Federal regulations helped reduce vessel collisions and supported a slight rebound in right...
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