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Monday, August 19, 2019


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‘A League of Their Own’ Gets the Queer Retelling ’90s Audiences Craved

Arts & Entertainment, Theater, Arts & Entertainment, WomenTheaterGood Trouble's Emma Hunton speaks with The Advocate about queering the beloved story in the Unauthorized Musical Parody of A League of Their Own.  Arts & EntertainmentWomenTracy E. GilchristIt’s been 27 years since Rockford Peaches catcher Dottie Hinson executed a full split at home plate while catching a pop-up and “All-the-Way” Mae and Doris wisecracked their way through a single baseball season in Penny Marshall’s crowd-pleaser A League of Their Own. The movie about the women’s baseball league that sprang up while male players...
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How a Lesbian Power Couple Became Pioneers in Writing and Family Films

ExclusivesExclusives, People, Arts & EntertainmentSuzanne Buirgy, who’s behind this fall’s hottest animated movie, Abominable, and Judy Wieder are a lesbian power couple we can’t get enough of. PeopleArts & EntertainmentDesirée GuerreroFor over three decades, Suzanne Buirgy and Judy Wieder have been partners in love, life, and their creative endeavors — and have supported each other every step of the way. Both have had successful careers individually as well as having worked together on many projects over the years. So how did they do it? Above: Judy Wieder (left) and Suzanne Buirgy...
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Oprah, Moonlight’s Tarell McCraney Have Created Something Beautiful

Arts & Entertainment, television, Arts & Entertainment, African-Americans, Oprah WinfreytelevisionTheir new show, David Makes Man, brings the representation and splendor of the Oscar-winning film to TV. Arts & EntertainmentAfrican-AmericansOprah WinfreyNeal BrovermanMany things come to mind when watching OWN’s new drama, David Makes Man. It’s evident the show is a natural evolution for its creator, out Moonlight writer Tarell Alvin McCraney and executive producer Oprah Winfrey; two iconoclasts behind numerous unflinching narratives of Black life. The other point that resonates with this terrific show is how much TV has changed for...
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In Defense of ‘Adam’ and Trans Artistic Freedom

Commentary, Transgender, film, Arts & EntertainmentCommentaryTrans filmmaker Lyle Kash defends Rhys Ernst's controversial production. TransgenderfilmArts & EntertainmentLyle KashThe social media calls for a boycott of Rhys Ernst’s debut feature, Adam, prompted impassioned conversations amongst the trans artists who converged in L.A. for Outfest last week. Adam was, in fact, a crowd favorite, premiered at Sundance, and continues to find audiences in advance of its theatrical release this month. Ironically, it seems that many of Adam’s detractors have not seen the film. The central qualm is that Ernst did not make...
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New Film ‘Content’ Explores Consent Between Queer Men in Modeling

Arts & Entertainment, film, Arts & EntertainmentfilmThe film that recently premiered at Outfest touches on the too rarely explored topic of consent among some circles of queer men.  Arts & EntertainmentLeo AllanachThe new film Content from director Chris Coates follows a gay model currently working as the muse for a professional photographer's new project. While the former is more reserved, the latter is quite forward, comfortable doing whatever it takes to get the perfect shot, no matter how close the two men will have to be. The short film stars Ben...
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Hunter Schafer Embraces Euphoria’s ‘Feminine and Loving Queerness’

Arts & Entertainment, television, Transgender, Arts & EntertainmenttelevisionThe transgender star of HBO's gritty hit series chats with The Advocate about her character's journey in moving past toxic relationships with men.  TransgenderArts & EntertainmentTracy E. GilchristThis summer, HBO’s Euphoria exploded on to TV screens like a supernova of kinetic energy, teen angst, and pinballing hormones. Before the pilot episode is over the series has depicted rampant drug and alcohol use, distorted sexual roles as a result of porn viewing, bullying, gender-based violence, and statutory rape. But the final moments of the...
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This Webcomic Librarian Is Protecting LGBTQ Stories

ExclusivesExclusives, Arts & Entertainment, BooksMeet the genderqueer asexual who has cataloged over a thousand mostly-queer webcomics. Arts & EntertainmentBooksJacob Anderson-MinshallNearly 1200 webcomics populate the online library created and managed by Luma Lilac, a 21-year-old “genderly queer” asexual archivist who maintains the library in their spare time.  Most of the webcomics featured include at least one LGBTQ character. Others include disabled characters, are women-led, or feature people of color. The archive has its roots in a 2014 Google spreadsheet of links Luma created of comics, TV shows, and other things friends had recommended...
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Orange Is the New Black Finally Says ‘Bisexual’—In Its 89th Episode

Arts & Entertainment, television, Bisexual, Women, Arts & EntertainmenttelevisionThe progressive series finally acknowledged an irksome blindspot.  BisexualWomenArts & EntertainmentTracy E. GilchristMinor Season 7 spoilers ahead. When Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix in 2013, it was clear from the first 30 seconds of the show that it was going to be revolutionary when it visually established its lead character Piper Chapman as bisexual. But then the actual word bisexual went unuttered for 88 episodes. That is until Piper’s sexual identity was finally verbally acknowledged in episode 11 of...
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Aquaria Is Ready to Put ‘Drag Race’ Behind Her

ExclusivesExclusives, Arts & Entertainment, television, DragA new docuseries reveals the drag star behind the scenes. Arts & EntertainmenttelevisionDragDesirée GuerreroAfter shooting to stardom and snatching the crown last year on season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, spending months trotting the globe on a grueling drag tour, and recently making history as the first drag queen to grace the red carpet at the Met Gala, it’s almost hard to believe that Giovanni Palandrani — better known as Aquaria — just turned 23 years old. The star’s new series Werq the World premiered...
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‘Bar Dykes’ Dives Into Lesbian Life In the 1950s

TheaterArts & Entertainment, Theater, Lesbian, Arts & Entertainment, WomenThe Flea Theater transports audiences to a lesbian bar in pre-Stonewall America.  LesbianArts & EntertainmentWomenDavid ArtaviaWhat was life like in lesbian bars during the 1950s? A new production of Merril Mushroom’s play Bar Dykes takes you there in a near-immersive experience at the Flea Theater. Produced by The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS), New York City’s longest-producing LGBTQ theater company, audiences are submerged into a time many of us have only seen in black and white photos.  Beautifully directed by Virginia Baeta and...
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