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Politician says ‘cisgender’ is a new and ‘politicised’ word despite being used for decades

SNP MP Kenneth Gibson has objected to the proposed use of the word “cisgender” in Scotland’s next census, calling it a “politicised” and “contested” word. Gibson also accused National Records Scotland (NRS), the body that runs the census, of having an “agenda” with its attempt to introduce new questions about Scotland’s transgender population. Adding that he’d only heard of the word cisgender six months ago, Gibson said: “It has seemed that from the start NRS has had its own agenda on this, regardless of what other people think.” Pete Whitehouse,...
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Cisgender same-sex couples making babies together without a donor could soon become a reality

Researchers in China have said that they are currently testing a technique on monkeys that could allow cisgender same-sex couples to have babies biologically related to both of them. The method has only been tested before on mice, but moving on to the next stage of research brings scientists a step closer to making it possible for humans. In mammals, almost every cell in our body contains two sets of genetic material, one set each from the sperm and egg that fused to create us. The only exceptions are sperm...
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