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New Trump Plan Would Allow Taxpayer-Funded Adoption Agencies Refuse Same-Sex Couples, Because Jesus

President Donald Trump is working on a plan that would allow adoption agencies, even those supported with taxpayer funds, to refuse to let same-sex couples adopt. Trump had alluded to the plan during his speech at the National Day of Prayer. “We will always protect our country’s long and proud tradition of faith-based adoption,” Trump promised attendees in February, adding that faith-based adoption agencies should be able to follow their “deeply held beliefs.” Axios reports there are two versions under consideration, both involve rescinding all or part of Obama-era regulations...
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Alabama Lawmakers Vote to End Requirement for Marriage Licenses and Weddings to ‘Protect’ Anti-LGBT Judges

Lawmakers in the Alabama House and Senate have just passed legislation that would end the state’s legal requirement for couples to obtain a license and even to have a wedding in order for them to be considered married. Behind the move is a desire among conservatives to “protect” probate judges, whose job it is to issue marriage licenses, from having to issue them to same-sex couples. Current law says they “may” issue, but does not require them to. Some have refused, even after the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell ruling. As of...
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Republicans Hand Lifetime Federal Bench Appointment to Lawyer Who Says Gay Judges Can’t Decide Cases Objectively

Senate Republicans have just confirmed Howard Nielson to a lifetime appointment on the federal bench. A longtime conservative activist, Nielson has argued against same-sex marriage, against same-sex couples being allowed to raise children, and against the decision to declare California’s Prop 8 unconstitutional, claiming the judge in that case could not objectively rule because he is gay. The vote late Wednesday afternoon was 51-47, along party lines, with only Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins voting no. Nielson, who opposes same-sex marriage on the grounds same-sex couples cannot reproduce without assistance,...
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Pompeo: Buttigieg Calling Pence a Homophobe Is ‘Slanderous’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attacked Pete Buttigieg Tuesday, saying the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s remarks that Vice President Mike Pence is a homophobe are “slanderous.” He also lied about President Donald Trump and the administration’s policies toward LGBTQ people, in the U.S. and around the world. “I’ve known Mike Pence, Vice President Pence, for an awfully long time now,” Secretary Pompeo told right wing pundit Hugh Hewitt on his radio show. Pompeo called Vice President Pence “a fundamentally decent man,” and said the VP “shares the administration’s view with respect...
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‘Save Chick-Fil-A’ Bill’s Author Was Lawyer for Anti-LGBT Hate Group and Named Most Homophobic Legislator

Once Invoked Nazis to Defend Anti-Gay Legislation Texas is now all-but-certain to pass the “Save Chick-fil-A” bill which would deliver special religious protections to people and organizations so they can discriminate against LGBTQ people without fear of government reprisals. In other words, it enables state-supported discrimination under the cloak of “religious freedom.” The legislation now needs just one more vote each in the House and Senate. The governor is expected to sign it. While news of the bill, SB 1978, is slowly growing, news about the bill’s top sponsor in...
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Pat Robertson: LGBT Equality Act Will Cause God to ‘Vomit Out’ America

“You know, I was reading in Leviticus where it said, ‘Because of these things, the land will vomit you out.’ Vomit you out.” Pat Robertson is warning “700 Club” viewers about the Equality Act, which would expand protections of LGBT people in areas such as housing, credit, banking, employment, and public accommodations. The long-overdue legislation is essential to ensure equality for some of America’s most vulnerable minority members. Robertson sees the bill differently, and is urging his viewers to “jam up” their representatives phones and tell them to oppose the legislation....
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Australia’s Liberal party stands by candidate who shared anti-gay posts

The Liberal party in Australia has said it will stand by its candidate Allan Green after past anti-gay posts were uncovered. Green is running as a candidate for the right-wing Liberal party in Greenway in Sydney’s west, and told the Guardian that past anti-gay posts did not reflect his personal views. The Liberal party has reiterated his defence. In a 2015 Facebook post unearthed by the outlet, Green warned against the introduction of same-sex marriage. Liberal party candidate Allan Green said there would be no more mother’s and father’s day...
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