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Monday, August 19, 2019


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Brazil’s top court votes to criminalise homophobia and transphobia

The Supreme Court of Brazil has voted to make homophobia and transphobia a crime, amid increasing discrimination against the Brazilian LGBT+ community. Six of the Supreme Court’s 11 judges have now voted to make it a crime to discriminate against people based on their gender identity or sexuality. The remaining five judges are yet to vote, but the result will remain unchanged – the new law will come into effect once all judges have voted and will make homophobia and transphobia crimes equivalent to racism. “This is a day I...
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Mexico’s Supreme Court grants new birth certificate to transgender citizen

Mexico’s highest court has intervened in the case of a transgender person denied a legal transition by state officials. The Supreme Court asked the state of Jalisco to issue a new birth certificate to reflect the correct gender and name of the trans citizen. “As the Supreme Court has argued in other cases, everyone has the right to define their own sexual and gender identity and it is the state’s responsibility to guarantee this decision, which is reflected in the different documents, mainly in the birth certificate,” the court said...
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