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Unicorn Dim Sum Buns: A Fun, Tasty Spin On A Chinese Classic Dish


If you’re planning a trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Los Angeles, you might want to visit Momma Fung & Co. to get your hands on one of her Unicorn Dim Sum Buns.

The unicorn styled dim sum dish is entirely the same as the classic Chinese dim sum recipe, steam dough with meat or vegetables inside. However, the unicorn recipe adds a creative touch to the traditional pale beige outer color.

At Momma Fung & Co., they add blue, pink, purple, and yellow food coloring while preparing their flour to create the fun and interesting doughy delight. The seemingly simple extra step really adds some pizzaz to the dish and makes it much more playful.

We can think the Los Angeles Insider (Travel Insider) for introducing the creative dish to the world in their informative video. They wrap everything up in a neat little 2-minute package that sure does give you a hankering for some dim sum.

The inspiration for the infused unicorn colors in the traditional Chinese dish came from Momma Fung’s very own daughter after her visit to New York. After seeing unicorn food in the Big Apple like unicorn bagels, she asked her mom to do the same and the Unicorn Dim Sum Bun was created.

On the outside it looks like a sugery candy but to the contrary the Unicorn Dim Sum Bun is like all dim sum dishes, warm with tastful seasonings. Momma Fung and Co-owner Ismael Enciso serve prepare the dish with three stuffing choices: pork, curry chicken and vegetables.

Los Angeles Insider Producer Joe Avella tried the unique dish and commented how delisous it tasted, “Dude, I’m not kidding this tastes incredible.” He also tried some of Momma Fung & Co. other dishes that he said were equally tasty like their shrimp and dumplings.

Momma Fung & Co. creative and delicious dishes can be found thoughout Los Angeles at their different pop up location. To see where they’re at next while you’re in town visit their instagram page @mommafungbuns.

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