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Gay couple claim they were beaten in vicious and unprovoked attack by men claiming to be police

A gay couple in North Carolina say they were assaulted by a group of men who claimed to be police offers on October 20. Kenny Coppedge and his boyfriend Jordan Frye were beaten in a vicious and unprovoked attack in Charlotte, North Carolina. Coppedge told local news that they were walking along Yancey Road in South End when a group walked up behind them. “A woman came up to me and put her arm around me and was just talking to me like we were fine,” Coppedge said. Moments later,...
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The leader of a homophobic hate group helped ring the New York Stock Exchange bell

The head of an anti-LGBT+ hate group has helped ring the New York Stock Exchange bell to celebrate the listings of two “biblically responsible” funds. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel was helping to celebrate funds that don’t invest in companies that “support non-scriptural lifestyles” or “anti-family entertainment”. “It was an incredible honour to participate in opening the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange is the financial capital of the world. Art Ally’s vision that began 25-years ago to honour God with our money is an encouraging example for us to...
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