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‘Christian’ Haters are About to Convene a ‘Make America Straight Again’ Conference: WATCH

A group of “Christian” hate leaders is planning a “Make America Straight Again” conference. Friendly Atheist reports on some of the participants: “Patrick Boyle of Revival Baptist Church in Orlando (above) …  Steven Anderson, who celebrated the massacre as soon as it happened because there were ’50 less pedophiles in this world.’ …  Roger Jimenez, who said the worst thing about the massacre was that the shooter ‘didn’t finish the job.’ …  Tommy McMurtry, who wishes we could go back to the time when society put gay people in their place: ‘six feet...
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‘Death to Gays’ Pastors to Hold ‘Make America Straight Again’ Conference to Coincide With Pulse Massacre Anniversary

Steven Anderson, a far right wing pastor known for calling for the death of gay people will be one of several religious extremists holding a “Make America Straight Again” conference in Orlando on Friday. Today marks the third anniversary of the Pulse massacre, where 49 people, mostly LGBTQ people of color, were gunned down in what has been called the largest hate crime in U.S. history. Many are expected to travel to Orlando this week, to commemorate the horrific attack and mourn the tragic loss of life. As Friendly Atheist’s...
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‘Kill All Gays’ Pastor Steven Anderson is First Person Ever Banned from Ireland

Anti-gay pastor Steven Anderson has been banned from entering Ireland under an immigration act passed in 1999 that has never before been used. The BBC reports: “His website claimed that he was due to preach in Dublin on 26 May. However, an online petition calling for Mr Anderson to be banned from Ireland was created in response, and gained 14,000 signatures. Anderson celebrated following the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, saying there were “50 less pedophiles in the world.” Anderson has compared gay people to ax murderers and Hitler. And he has said gays...
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