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Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson comes out as gay in moving op-ed

Jim Watson, the Mayor of Ottawa, Canada has come out as gay. In an emotional op-ed published by the Ottawa Citizen, the 58-year-old opened up about the struggles he has faced with coming to terms with his sexuality, from being bullied at school to finding it difficult to confide in friends due to his family moving around a lot because of his father’s job. “As I look back over the years, there were some telltale signs that I wasn’t straight,” he wrote, candidly. “As a grade 7 student, I remember...
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Trump Is the Nightmare From Which We Can’t Wake Up

Every morning we wake up and the nightmare that is Donald Trump seems to go on. Most nightmares, even recurring ones, eventually come to an end. We must hope this one will eventually end as well. As a columnist, it’s difficult to keep writing about what seems to be the same thing over and over — Trump being a racist, homophobic, sexist pig. Then he, his family or someone in the administration does something else that boggles the mind. Last week, he retweeted a conspiracy theory that the Clintons were...
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Aaron Schock’s Beach Bro Says Former Congressman’s ‘Viewpoint Has Grown and Changed Significantly’

Instagram “influencer” Jeremy Cormier is speaking out after experiencing “bullying and personal hatred on a level that I would not wish on anyone” for posting an Instagram photo with disgraced former Republican Congressman Aaron Schock. View this post on Instagram Beach Bros A post shared by Jeremy Cormier (@jeremycormier) on Aug 9, 2019 at 9:32am PDT Said Cormier in a new post: “I realize the post I made the other day has gotten a lot of attention and raised questions about what I stand for. I’d like to address that...
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GOP in a Panic About What to Do With Steve King as Democrats Can’t Wait to Face Him in the Election

On Saturday, MSNBC’s Garrett Haake broke down the nightmare situation Republicans are facing with Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who has faced outrage for years of white supremacist comments, and more recently suggested that rape and incest might be a good thing for society. “What more recourse do Republicans have?” said host David Gura. “We had this cycle of condemnation in the past after comments were made. He was stripped of committee assignments. Is there more Republicans can do vis-a-vis Steve King?” “They could kick him out of of the conference...
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Trump’s Economic Advisers Baffled Over How to Hold Off Recession His Trade War Set in Motion

According to a report from ABC, Donald Trump’s economic advisers are baffled about how to stop what appears to be a recession coming before the 2020 election after his trade war upset an already teetering worldwide economy. With the report noting that Trump had hoped to run on a strong economy as part of his 2020 re-election strategy, warnings from economists that a recession may arrive before then has White House officials in a panic. “The financial markets signaled the possibility of a U.S. recession this week, sending a jolt...
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Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Comes Out as Gay

Mayor Jim Watson / Facebook Ottawa, Canada Mayor Jim Watson has come out as gay at age 58 in an essay in the Ottawa Citizen. Watson noted that he was elected to the Ottawa City Council at age 30 and called his coming out 40 years too late. Watson has served as mayor for nine years. “My reluctance has not allowed me to live my life as full of love and adventure as my gay friends who were bolder and braver than I ever was,” said Watson. Watson called not...
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GOP Leadership Tells House Republicans to Lie About White Supremacist Gun Massacres – Call It ‘Violence From the Left’

House Republican leadership has sent a memo to GOP members of Congress directing them to lie about right wing white supremacist gun massacres, and to call it “violence from the left.” The memo, which The Tampa Bay Times acquired, includes talking points for congressional Republicans to parrot when speaking with reporters or constituents. It instructs them on how to address questions about gun violence, including the domestic terrorism recently perpetrated in El Paso, Texas. If asked a question like, “Do you believe white nationalism is driving more mass shootings recently?” GOP...

A Cyberattack Could Wreak Destruction Comparable to a Nuclear Weapon

Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash People around the world may be worried about nuclear tensions rising, but I think they’re missing the fact that a major cyberattack could be just as damaging – and hackers are already laying the groundwork. With the U.S. and Russia pulling out of a key nuclear weapons pact – and beginning to develop new nuclear weapons – plus Iran tensions and North Korea again test-launching missiles, the global threat to civilization is high. Some fear a new nuclear arms race. That threat is serious – but...
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Anti-LGBT White Supremacist to Co-Host New Public Affairs TV Talk Show That Will Air on PBS

Pat Buchanan, a longtime anti-LGBTQ white supremacist Christian nationalist pundit will co-host a re-boot of “The McLaughlin Group,” a Sunday morning public affairs, news, and commentary TV  talk show know for the fast and hot takes of its conservative creator, John McLaughlin. The show will be syndicated by Maryland Public Television and air on PBS stations, Media Matters reports. Buchanan, who worked in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan White Houses, co-hosted the original version of CNN’s “Crossfire,” and was even a regular contributor on MSNBC, before the network parted ways with him...
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Greenland, Dave Salmoni, Miley Cyrus, Justin Carroll, Ghislaine Maxwell, Pete Buttigieg, Rashida Tlaib: HOT LINKS

GREENLAND. Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark. Denmark says it’s not for sale: “Talk of a Greenland purchase was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Two sources familiar with the situation told Reuters that the notion had been laughed off by some advisers as a joke but was taken more seriously by others in the White House.” PAUL KRUGMAN. Trumpanomics is a flop: “Neither I nor anyone else is predicting a replay of the 2008 crisis. It’s not even clear whether we’re heading for recession. But the bond...
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