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Sinn Fein: No power-sharing deal without equal marriage in Northern Ireland

Sinn Fein has issued the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) with an ultimatum, saying that it will not agree to any new power-sharing deal that doesn’t include marriage equality for Northern Ireland. Michelle O’Neill, the party’s vice president, said that it was wrong for any politician to continue to deny the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland its rights. “In 2019, for anybody to seriously say any legislator can sit and actively deny or discriminate against one section of society is just not acceptable,” she said at a Belfast Pride Festival debate on...
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MPs vote for gay marriage in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland could finally be given marriage equality after MPs overwhelmingly voted for a pro-LGBT+ amendment to the Northern Ireland Bill. In an historic decision, the House of Commons voted 383-73 in favour of a clause to extend same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland, tabled by Labour MP Conor McGinn. The clause will require secondary legislation, and will only come into force if power-sharing talks fail to restore devolution by October 21. Should the Stormont executive become functional by this deadline, the amendment will become void. MPs including the Democratic Unionist...
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MPs to vote on Northern Ireland marriage equality today

The UK parliament will vote on whether to extend equal marriage to Northern Ireland on Tuesday evening (July 9). MPs will debate an amendment to the Northern Ireland bill which, if passed, would commit the government to extending same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland if the devolved executive is not restored by October 21. The amendment was tabled by Labour MP Conor McGinn and signed by his colleagues Yvette Cooper, Owen Smith and Stella Creasy, as well as openly gay backbenchers Ged Killen, Wes Streeting and Stephen Doughty. It also has...
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Northern Ireland refuses to pardon two gay men under Turing Law

Two gay men in Northern Ireland who sought pardons for abolished gay-sex crimes under the Turing Law have had their applications rejected. The two men are the only people to ask for their historic convictions to be quashed under the new law, which came into effect in 2017. The so-called Turing Law is named for World War Two’s Bletchley Park codebreaker Alan Turing, who was convicted of gross indecency with a 19-year-old man in 1952. Turing was chemically castrated as a result and died, in 1954, after poisoning himself with...
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