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Trump Is a ‘Phony President’ Who Must Immediately Be Removed From Office: Ethics Watchdog Richard Painter

The former chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration argued President Donald Trump must be immediately removed from office during a Monday appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat.” Guest anchor Ayman Mohyeldin played a clip of Trump saying the emoluments clause of the United States Constitution is “phony.” “What other parts of the Constitution are phony?” Painter wondered. “The First Amendment? Freedom of the press? The impeachment clause of the Constitution? He is going to find out than one soon. The 25th Amendment, is that phony? The...
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Teacher at Taxpayer-Funded Private Christian School Forced Out for Being Gay

A private Christian school in Florida that receives taxpayer funding for school vouchers has forced out one of its teachers, she says, because she is gay. Monica Toro Lisciandro says Covenant Christian School in Palm Bay, Florida not only parted ways with her after she acknowledged she is gay when school administrators asked her, but her students were told her “morals” did not line up with the schools, Lisciandro says. The school questioned Lisciandro, who teaches theater, after someone called to report saying they had seen her at a pride event. “Lisciandro said...
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CNBC Reporter Laments ‘Very Sad’ Decline of Trump: ‘We Just Heard 20 Minutes of Nonsense’

CNBC’s John Harwood reacted to President Donald Trump’s appearance before the press corps on Monday by calling it “20 minutes of nonsense.” Trump’s remarks to the press came during a cabinet meeting where he defended his decision to pull troops out of Syria and insisted that the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution is “phony.” “I say it is nonsense,” Harwood explained following Trump’s comments. “We just heard 20 minutes of nonsense from the president. It was very sad actually. He looked to me like somebody who understands his White...
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Man sues gay porn site for selling his private information

A man is suing a gay porn site after he received “a barrage” of junk mail because he said it sold his information without written consent and violated his privacy rights. Dennis Chiamulera is also seeking class action status on behalf of other subscribers to the site who he thinks are in a similar situation. He said his privacy rights were violated by the site, owned by TLA Entertainment Group, under the Video Privacy Protection Act and the New York Video Consumer Privacy Act According to Out, the New York plaintiff...
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Trump Appears to Admit He is Still Running His Real Estate and Resort Empire – Says Washington Ran Businesses Too

President Donald Trump repeatedly appeared to admit he is still running his real estate and resort businesses, despite promising the American people he was  “turning over complete and total control to my sons.” In heated remarks at a noon cabinet meeting President Trump compared himself to President George Washington, saying the nation’s first president also ran a business while serving in the nation’s highest office. “I’m very good at real estate,” Trump also said, according to pool reporters, suggesting he is still involved in The Trump Organization. “I own a...
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Around 1 in 5 trans patients are denied proper care by their GPs, according to this senior nurse

A senior nurse at a private Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) has said that around 20 percent of the trans people she treats have been denied care and support by their GPs. Mary Burke, senior clinical nurse at The London Transgender Clinic and specialist in hormone therapy, said that GPs refusing to provide adequate care to trans people is “utterly disgraceful”. Burke said in the case of one of her patients, she approached their GP to organise “shared care” between the GP and the private clinic. She offered them “support and...
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Julián Castro Says His Campaign Is ‘In Dire Need’ of Funds – and He’s Out if He Can’t Raise $800k in Ten Days

Julián Castro says he will have to pull out of the Democratic presidential primary if he does not raise $800,000 in the next ten days. Castro, a former HUD Secretary, says he will be forced to stop campaigning if he does not reach his financial goals by the end of the month. “The truth is, for our campaign, these debates have offered our only guaranteed opportunity to share my vision with the American people,” Castro said in an email to supporters, as Buzzfeed reports. “If I can’t make the next...
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US Supreme Court Hands GOP a Win in Michigan Gerrymander Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has just handed the Michigan Republicans a win by tossing out a lower court ruling that would have forced a redrawing of congressional and state legislative voting maps. A lower court ruled the GOP had gerrymandered the voting maps so extensively they violated the U.S. Constitution. But in June the U.S. Supreme Court decided it did not have authority to rule in gerrymander cases, leading to Monday’s decision, which was expected, Bloomberg Law reports. The decision by the Roberts Supreme Court that it does not have authority...
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