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Florida Taxpayers Spend $129 Million to Pay for the Anti-LGBTQ Education of Thousands of Students in Schools That Ban Homosexuality

The concept of separation of church and state seems to be all but dead in the state of Florida. Anti-LGBTQ religious activists have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, convincing lawmakers that the taxpayers should foot the bill for nearly any school parents want to send their children – including private Christian and other religious schools that promote anti-LGBTQ hate. Taxpayers are literally paying to teach children of all ages that being LGBTQ is a sin. The Orlando Sentinel has just published a deep dive into just how extensive the push...
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Trump Promises to Protect Social Security One Day After Bragging He Will Try to Cut It After the Election

President Donald Trump on Wednesday bragged about his “tremendous” economy, promising a CNBC reporter that after the election he will look at cutting “entitlements,” specifically Social Security and Medicare, because he expects economic growth to be even better than he believes it is now. (It was better under President Barack Obama.) Of course people on Social Security and Medicare rarely benefit from increased economic growth, but that was his reasoning. Minutes ago Trump – still on a tweeting frenzy, having produced 142 tweets or retweets on Wednesday, his record as...

WATCH: Jerry Nadler Throws Trump Lawyers’ Words Back in Their Faces to Show Abuse of Power Is Impeachable

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) on Thursday used quotes from Attorney General Bill Barr and Trump impeachment lawyer Alan Dershowitz to argue that, contrary to President Donald Trump’s claims, abuse of power is an impeachable offense. During his presentation before the Senate, Nadler played a clip of Dershowitz from 1998 in which he argued that impeaching a president does not require the identification of a specific crime. “It certainly doesn’t have to be a crime if you have somebody who completely corrupts the office of the president, and who abuses trust,...

White House Announces Immigration Restrictions Against Pregnant Women to Protect ‘Integrity of American Citizenship’

Promoting White Nationalism? Starting almost immediately the White House on Thursday announced new immigration regulations and restrictions against pregnant women seeking tourist visas to travel into the United States. The Trump administration’s White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, described the new rules which go into effect Friday, as necessary to protect the “integrity of American citizenship.” The new restrictions “push consular officers abroad to reject women they believe are entering the United States specifically to gain citizenship for their child by giving birth,” The New York Times reports. The Trump...
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This is how you can help a twice-tortured gay Christian from Iran who’s facing deportation

Supporters of a gay Christian asylum seeker from Iran currently locked up in an immigration detention centre in the UK are calling on the Home Office to release him immediately. Madhi is a gay Christian man who has twice been tortured in Iran, a country where gay sex is a crime punishable by death. The UK government has detained him in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, pending deportation to Germany on January 28. More than 25,000 people have signed a petition, started by the reverend of Madhi’s church, calling on home...
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Possible Tory leadership candidate swiftly condemned for claiming being LGBT is a ‘choice’

A potential candidate for leadership of the Canadian Conservative party has said he believes that being LGBT+ is a “choice”. Richard Décarie is a little-known Tory politician who served as deputy chief of staff to Stephen Harper when he was leader of the opposition in the 2000s. He is now planning a bid for leadership of the Conservative party, but his anti-LGBT+ comments during a live interview on Wednesday, January 22, have caused backlash from politicians both outside and within his own party. In an interview with CTV’s Power Play, Décarie...
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Watch: Trump Brags About His ‘Tremendous’ Economy – as the Reason He Wants to Cut Medicare and Social Security

President Donald Trump is contemplating cutting the safety net that protects millions of Americans, including children, from poverty, disease, illness, and even death. Speaking at the World Economic Forum this week, where he repeatedly bragged about the strength of the U.S. economy – which was provably stronger and faster-growing under his predecessor – trump revealed his intention to look at axing the so-called “entitlement” programs that literally save lives. A CNBC reporter asked Trump if entitlements will ever be cut. “At some point they will be. We have tremendous growth....
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Puberty blockers can literally save the lives of transgender teens, new study confirms

Puberty blockers can be “life-saving” drugs for trans teenagers, according to a landmark study that is the first to examine access to puberty blockers and suicide risk. The study, published in medical journal Pediatrics, found that if trans teenagers have access to the medication their chance of suicide and mental health problems significantly declines. Access to puberty blockers for a trans teen who wants them reduces their likelihood of trying to die by suicide in both the short and long term, the study found, as well as significantly reducing their...
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