12 Photos Of Spanish Model Ruben That Will Make Your Blood Boil [NSFW]

Many good things have come out of Spain – one of them being Madrid-based model Ruben Cubillas, with his perfectly sculpted body and those tempting bedroom eyes. Also See: 14 Photos That Show Why River Viiperi Is One Of The Hottest Models Alive The 22-year-old model lives in Madrid, he’s breathtaking, he gets naked (On Instagram, that is) and his photos are certainly going to make your day… 1. The perfect body View this post on Instagram Good things are coming😋 A post shared by Rubén Cubillas🛩 (@rubencubillas) on Jun 1, 2019...
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Here are some RuPaul’s drag queens throwing shade to help you through this heatwave

Europe is in the midst of a heatwave. With temperature records set to be broken all over the shop, from the UK to France, we all need to just, well, to find some shade. In the drag community, the term “throwing shade” dates back to the 1980s black ballroom scene in New York City. The concept was immortalised by the groundbreaking 1994 documentary Paris Is Burning, where dancer Willi Ninja described it as a “nonverbal response to verbal or nonverbal abuse.” At the time, Ninja elaborated: “If you said something nasty to...

9 Photos Of Venezuelan Model Piter And His Rock-Hard Abs

Sometimes you go about your day, flipping through photos on Instagram, when suddenly you have to stop and just… stare. That’s what happened to us with breathtakingly-beautiful Piter. We don’t know much about him yet, other than the fact that he’s from Venezuela, he’s a male model, and he has 7,600+ followers on Instagram. What we DO know, is that judging by these photos, he needs to have a lot MORE followers. So go. Follow! But enjoy these first… That body… View this post on Instagram @mrcourtneycharles #newyork #manhattan #hard#arm...
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