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Monday, January 27, 2020


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These two trans woman had enough of being harassed and fought back with fury in brutal video

Two trans women have gone viral after they furiously attacked the men who were harassing them while they sat in a restaurant. A video of the incident was recorded and shared on YouTube. In the video, a man can be seen approaching the women and sitting beside them. Speaking in Spanish, the man said: “I’d like to sit with a lady,” according to SDGLN.com. Other people in the restaurant can be heard laughing at his comment. The trans women were asked about their genitals by a man in the restaurant,...
Don't Ask Don't TellMilitaryNewsSouth KoreaTransWorld

Soldier discharged by South Korean military for transitioning pleads with army to take her back

The first openly trans soldier in South Korea has pleaded with the army to take her back, after she was discharged for transitioning. Trans people currently are barred from signing up for the military in South Korea, but a loophole means that there are no regulations on soldiers who come out as trans while serving. Byun Hui-su, a tank driver, was discharged this week by a military panel for undergoing gender confirmation surgery. In a press conference after the decision was announced, Hui-su asked military leaders to reconsider and let...
MangaNewsRussiaTranstrans womenWorld

Russian court overturns conviction of trans woman jailed for sharing manga porn

A Russian trans woman who was sentenced to three years in prison for sharing erotic manga drawings on social media has had her guilty verdict overturned by a court. Her conviction for sharing Japanese manga-style drawings featuring nude cartoon characters was denounced by human-rights advocates, who were concerned that she would not survive being jailed in a men’s prison. The 53-year-old woman, known to friends as Michelle, has been on hormones for a couple of years but is still legally male. This means she would have been sent to a...
decriminalisationGay SexLawMiss UniverseMyanmarSwe Zin HtetWorld

People are painting their little finger pink to protest Myanmar’s archaic gay sex ban

Activists in Myanmar are urging people to paint their little finger pink in protest against the country’s archaic ban on gay sex. The “Pink Pinky” campaign is aiming to draw attention the plight of Myanmar’s LGBT+ community, who continue to face persecution. The campaign was launched on January 22 ahead of Yangon Pride, which is due to take place this weekend, with activists calling on legislators to overturn the ban on gay sex and to introduce anti-discrimination laws, the Jakarta Post reports. Myanmar LGBT+ activist says community needs ‘legal protection’...
BisexualComing outJack Woolleymartial artsOlympicsSportTaekwondoWorld

Bisexual Olympian reveals some athletes won’t even shake his hand since he came out

Bisexual Olympic hopeful Jack Woolley has revealed that some of his opponents won’t shake his hand since he came out. The Irish athlete revealed that he was bisexual in 2016 on RTÉ’s Road to Rio documentary when he was just 17-years-old. Four years on, he has become the first Irish person to qualify for the Olympics in Taekwondo. But some athletes in martial arts have refused to shake his hand since he came out. Bisexual Olympic hopeful says his sport can be ‘tough’. “It is tough, my sport,” Woolley told...
Canadian Conservative partyEric Duncanleadership candidateLisa MacLeodMarilyn GladuNewsPeter MacKayPoliticsRichard Décariestephen harpertory leadershipWorld

Possible Tory leadership candidate swiftly condemned for claiming being LGBT is a ‘choice’

A potential candidate for leadership of the Canadian Conservative party has said he believes that being LGBT+ is a “choice”. Richard Décarie is a little-known Tory politician who served as deputy chief of staff to Stephen Harper when he was leader of the opposition in the 2000s. He is now planning a bid for leadership of the Conservative party, but his anti-LGBT+ comments during a live interview on Wednesday, January 22, have caused backlash from politicians both outside and within his own party. In an interview with CTV’s Power Play, Décarie...
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