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Virginia Woman Finds Her Car’s LGBTQ Pride Stickers Covered with Homophobic Hate: WATCH

A Norfolk, Virginia woman returned to her parked car to find that the LGBTQ Pride stickers she had affixed to the back of it were covered with new anti-LGBTQ stickers claiming gays are AIDS-infected child molesters who have more than 1,000 partners and die 30 years younger than the general population, among other things. Said Cynthia Moore to WTKR: “If you were trying to hurt my feelings, you didn’t! You just pissed off a whole bunch of people. It definitely didn’t damper my spirits. I’m still going to be just...
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Mom Outraged After Children’s Book About Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag Was Read to Her 7-Year-Old at School: WATCH

A mother in Virginia is speaking out after her 7-year-old daughter was read a book in school, Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and The Rainbow Flag, that Amazon calls “the best children’s book of the year.” Culley Burleson told WRIC that the book about the civil rights icon made her daughter ask questions: “It caused her to question her faith. It caused her to know what homosexuality is.” Burleson said she doesn’t have a problem with the book itself, but the illustrations, particularly one in which Milk holds a...
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School board that took trans bathroom case to Supreme Court may change their policy

Gavin Grimm's attorney said that they have already had a settlement conference with the school district, but wouldn't elaborate.
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