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UK’s First Chick-fil-A Announces Closure 8 Days After Opening Following ‘Get the Chick Out’ Campaign by LGBTQ Group

Chick-fil-A by Chris Potter / ccPixs.com (CC BY 2.0) The UK shopping center where the nation’s first Chick-fil-A restaurant opened on October 10, announced this week that the anti-LGBTQ chicken franchise’s lease would not be renewed because of backlash from the community and calls for a boycott by Reading Pride, the local LGBTQ rights group. Live in Reading protesting @ChickfilA alongside @Reading_Pride and many Pride Organisers across the UK https://t.co/Cjm4adXaHo— UK Pride Network (@UKPrideNetwork) October 19, 2019 Based on the following, we are staunchly opposed to @ChickfilA setting up shop in the...
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‘Drag Race UK’ Is a Refreshing Cure for ‘Drag Race’ Fatigue [RECAP and RANKINGS]

At the end of last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I bemoaned my growing Drag Race fatigue. With the show’s increased exposure and All Stars in the mix, the show’s perpetual presence made it hard to miss. So, although the announcement of Drag Race U.K. at first felt a bit overkill, now that I’ve seen the premiere: I can’t get enough. RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. is airing on Wow Presents Plus and BBC Three streaming services, but the episodes air eight days later on Logo in the good ol’ U....
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Olympic Divers Make a Splash with Next-Level ‘Avengers Assemble’ Video: WATCH

A squadron of British Olympic divers is going viral with a clever ‘Avengers Assemble’ video in which the aquatic acrobats flip into the well-known poses of the Marvel superheroes. The clip was created during downtime at their training camp in Antalya, Turkey. The clip began getting widespread exposure after the divers posted it to their social media platforms. Watch Jack Laugher as Dr. Strange, Dan Goodfellow as Captain America, James Heatly as Spider Man, Matty Lee as Iron Man, Yona Knight-Wisdom as Black Panther, Lucas Thomson as Hawkeye, and Noah...
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