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Asylum seeker beaten and raped for being gay in Uganda could be sent back by Trump administration

A woman who was beaten and raped for being a lesbian in Uganda could be sent back to her home country by the Trump administration. The woman – who has not been named publicly – knew she was gay when she was 13, but learned not to speak of the subject after her mother said she was a “disgrace”. She has now revealed her ordeal in an interview with Rolling Stone where she spoke about her efforts to get asylum in the US. The woman was dragged off a road...
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The Trump administration is going to keep sending aid to Uganda despite ‘Kill the Gays’ bill

The Trump administration has stated its opposition to a new “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda – but they will continue providing foreign aid to the country. A US State Department spokesperson said the US government “firmly opposes criminalisation of LGBTI individuals,” Reuters reports. They said that they stand “with Uganda’s LGBTI community and Ugandans of all backgrounds and beliefs to defend the dignity of all citizens”. However, when asked if they would consider cutting funding to put pressure on the nation, the official replied: “At this point, there has...
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