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Gay man shares heartwarming story of what happened when his dad found his stash of ‘beefcake’ pictures

When the internet came along, it opened up a whole new world for gay people. For author Grant Ginder, that meant one specific thing: finding photos of “beefcakes” in red thongs and saving them to his family’s desktop computer. The author went viral on Twitter after he shared his hilarious story for National Coming Out Day which queer people everywhere will relate to. Gay author Grant Ginder spent six months curating his desktop folder of ‘beefcakes’. “When I was 13, I began collecting pictures of hot men that I found...
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Gay Saudi Arabian social media star says he’s facing prison for sharing a picture of himself in short shorts

Suhail al-Jameel, a gay social media personality, was reportedly arrested after wearing short shorts to the beach. The 23-year-old, who has more than 170,000 Twitter followers, claims he was arrested and sent to jail “for wearing shorts” on a beach in Riyadh. “In 2019 LGBTQ are not welcome in Saudi Arabia, you must live in secret and can’t live in peace. You want tourism but you won’t give us freedoms,” he wrote on Twitter. Al-Jameel shared a photo of the outfit in question on October 6. A week later, on...
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