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Grindr could be sharing your location and sexual orientation with thousands of advertisers

Gay dating app Grindr has been accused of unlawfully sharing its users’ personal data with thousands of advertising partners. This includes detailed information about its users sexual orientation and location, according to a new investigation from the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC). Along with four other ad-tech companies, the NCC accused Grindr of being “out of control” with regards to its profiling of customers. “Every time you open an app like Grindr, advertisement networks get your GPS location, device identifiers and even the fact that you use a gay dating app,”...

Grindr Broadcasting Users’ Sexual Orientation and Location to Dozens of Companies, Says New Report

Grindr is sharing much more personal information with other companies than most of its users are aware of and, because it is a gay hook-up app, essentially broadcasting their sexual orientation as well, according to a new report. How the gay dating app @Grindr shares GPS location, AdID and the fact you use a gay dating app with @Twitter and other ad companies…We (@NOYBeu) wrote three #GDPR complaints for @Forbrukerradet that were filed today! More: #Grindr— Max Schrems (@maxschrems) January 14, 2020 The New York Times reports: “Grindr,...
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Cisgender same-sex couples making babies together without a donor could soon become a reality

Researchers in China have said that they are currently testing a technique on monkeys that could allow cisgender same-sex couples to have babies biologically related to both of them. The method has only been tested before on mice, but moving on to the next stage of research brings scientists a step closer to making it possible for humans. In mammals, almost every cell in our body contains two sets of genetic material, one set each from the sperm and egg that fused to create us. The only exceptions are sperm...
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Man ‘devastated’ after TikTok removed video of him kissing his boyfriend because it ‘violated community guidelines’

A man has claimed that TikTok removed a video of him sharing a kiss with his boyfriend at midnight on New Year’s Eve, saying that it violated their community guidelines. Mark Pasetsky is the former editor in chief of Life & Style and managing editor of OK! Magazine, and he spoke out about his experience in a piece for Campaign US.  The TikTok video was just a couple of seconds long and showed the couple sharing a kiss to the soundtrack of Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ with a sticker...
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TikTok Blames Human Error on Removal of Same-Sex Kiss Video. Why I Don’t Buy It.

What happens when a man kisses his boyfriend at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and posts it on the video-sharing social network, TikTok?  The post is removed because it’s a violation of the platform’s community guidelines. That’s exactly what happened to me this New Year’s.  When I saw the notification on my profile, I was flooded with feelings of shame and alienation.  After being out of the closet for 24 years, I knew I needed to take action for myself and for the entire LGBTQ community. In...
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Almost seven out of ten US same-sex couples now meet through online dating

65 percent of same-sex couples in the US now meet online and through dating apps, compared to 39 percent of opposite-sex couples, a study has shown. Researchers Michael J Rosenfeld and Sonia Hausen of Stanford University, along with Reuben J Thomas of the University of New Mexico, gathered data from two previous studies to publish ‘Disintermediating your friends: How online dating in the United States displaces other ways of meeting’. According to the study: “From the end of World War II until 2013, the most popular way heterosexual Americans met...
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