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Monday, August 19, 2019


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Taiwan school introduces gender-neutral uniforms

Students at a school near Tapei will be allowed to choose between skirts or trousers, regardless of their gender. Banqiao Senior High School announced its new gender-neutral uniform policy after students and teachers wore skirts as part of a week-long campaign to break down stereotypes. Until now, boys have been required to wear trousers and girls to wear skirts. But when the new school year begins on August 30, all mentions of gender will have been removed from the rulebook. A school spokesperson told the Thomas Reuters Foundation on Wednesday...
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Taiwan: More than 1,000 gay couples wed in first month of equal marriage

Taiwan has wed 1,173 same-sex couples since becoming the first Asian country to introduce equal marriage on May 24. In the first month of equal marriage, 790 female couples and 383 male couples tied the knot—though two have since divorced, Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior announced on Sunday (June 23). Same-sex marriage was introduced after Tapei legislators approved a government-backed bill on May 17, almost two years to the day after the island’s Constitutional Court ruled that a law defining marriage as being between a man and a woman was...
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