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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Saturday Night Live

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Paul Rudd and Beck Bennett Play Pete and Chasten Buttigieg on SNL’s ‘The View’ — WATCH

SNL took on The View with a guest appearance by South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, played by Paul Rudd. “I’m ready to work,” said Rudd, arriving on the set in Mayor Pete’s trademark rolled-up shirtsleeves and tie. “See my exposed forearms?” Added Rudd: “I may only be 37 years old but I do feel like I represent everyday Americans. I’m just a Harvard-educated multilingual war veteran Rhodes Scholar, I’m just like you.” ALSO ON SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump and Allies Sing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ on SNL’s Season Finale: WATCH...
Daily ResistDonald Trumpentertainment]PoliticsSaturday Night LiveSNL

Alec Baldwin’s Trump and Allies Sing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ on SNL’s Season Finale: WATCH

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump returned to Saturday Night Live for the show’s season finale I’m very excited to summer. Getting around to those things I never have time for. Golf, visiting friends in prison and enjoying all the fantastic new tariffs from China.” Our American economy is on fire, I’m not gonna tell you if it’s a fire that keeps you warm or burns your house to the ground, but it’s some kind of fire.” he added. “So I’m on cruise control to a second term and there’s nothing the...
Daily Resistentertainment]Lindsey GrahamMitch McConnellSaturday Night LiveSNLSusan Collins

Top Republicans Reveal What Trump Could Do to Lose Their Support on SNL’s ‘Meet The Press’ — WATCH

Kyle Mooney’s Chuck Todd presided over an episode of Meet The Press with guests Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett), Sen. Susan Collins (Cecily Strong), and Sen. Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon) in Saturday Night Live‘s cold open. The three lawmakers displayed their unwavering allegiance to GOP dear leader Donald Trump. The first question to the three was how they can support Trump’s China tariffs when they’ve opposed tariffs in the past. Said Bennett’s McConnell: “There’s a simple answer to that. There was no collusion.” Added McKinnon’s Graham: “When you have a president...
Adam SandlerAidy BryantBeck Bennettentertainment]Erectile DysfunctionSaturday Night LiveSNLTelevisiontowleroadTV

SNL’s Erectile Dysfunction Pill ‘Rectix’ is Something Else Entirely: WATCH

On Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler appeared in an ad for a new gigantic erectile dysfunction pill called Rectix, which is … not taken orally. “Wait, it vibrates too?” “What did you think? That it doesn’t?“ The post SNL’s Erectile Dysfunction Pill ‘Rectix’ is Something Else Entirely: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News. http://www.towleroad.com/2019/05/rectix/...
Emma Stoneentertainment]Saturday Night LiveSNLTelevisionTVTy Mitchell

Emma Stone Makes Hilarious Gay Adult Film Debut on SNL: WATCH

Emma Stone played Deirdre, an actress with a bit part in a gay porn film on Saturday Night Live, and she took her role very seriously. The sketch also starred real-life MEN.com performer Ty Mitchell. The post Emma Stone Makes Hilarious Gay Adult Film Debut on SNL: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News. http://www.towleroad.com/2019/04/emma-stone-ty-mitchell/...
entertainment]Julian AssangeLori LoughlinMichael AvenattiMichael KeatonSaturday Night LiveSNLTelevisionTV

Lori Loughlin, Julian Assange, and Michael Avenatti Butt Egos in Prison in SNL’s Cold Open: WATCH

SNL opened on a jail cell this week “now that the Mueller Report turned out to be a big fat zero” and a trio of three inmates (Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney) trying to one-up each other in lock-up: robbery, assault, and murder/cannibalism. But none could out-do Kate McKinnon’s Lori Loughlin: “I paid 500 grand to get my daughter into USC. You heard me I paid 500 grand to a women’s crew coach to say my daughter’s good at rowing. I’m loco. … And that’s not including the 300...
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