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Here are some RuPaul’s drag queens throwing shade to help you through this heatwave

Europe is in the midst of a heatwave. With temperature records set to be broken all over the shop, from the UK to France, we all need to just, well, to find some shade. In the drag community, the term “throwing shade” dates back to the 1980s black ballroom scene in New York City. The concept was immortalised by the groundbreaking 1994 documentary Paris Is Burning, where dancer Willi Ninja described it as a “nonverbal response to verbal or nonverbal abuse.” At the time, Ninja elaborated: “If you said something nasty to...
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Adam Lambert Tells RuPaul He Met His Boyfriend on Instagram: WATCH

Adam Lambert sat down with RuPaul for the Drag Race mogul’s new talk show and talked a bit about his new relationship with Javi Costa Polo, revealing that the two met on Instagram. Asked Ru: “Aren’t you scared of meeting freaks on Instagram?” Replied Lambert: “I love meeting freaks on Instagram.” Lambert also talked about how his mom asked him about his sexual orientation when he was 18 and they were driving home together, and the complete acceptance of it by both of his parents immediately. The post Adam Lambert...
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Gus Kenworthy Joins RuPaul and Lisa Vanderpump for a Dog Adoption Runway Show: WATCH

On episode 6 of his eponymous new talk show, RuPaul invited Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy to join a segment with Real Housewife and dog rescue advocate Lisa Vanderpump for a segment about saving dogs in need. Kenworthy brought his current dog Beemo back from a dog meat farm in South Korea and helped save a number of dogs from his prior Olympics in Sochi, Russia. RuPaul, Vanderpump, and Kenworthy then presided over dog adoption runway show emceed by Ross Mathews. The post Gus Kenworthy Joins RuPaul and Lisa Vanderpump for...
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The Winner Isn’t the Only Reveal on the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Finale [RECAP]

As I sort of felt coming, RuPaul’s Drag Race ended, and all I feel is relief. It was an overly-long season that was capped with an overly-long finale. Sure, the right person won, but it came at the conclusion of a 90-minute finale that really only featured 20 minutes of content. Instead we were treated to extended runway walks from this season’s queens (and plenty of previous gals), unnecessary video packages that really said nothing at all about the final four and a performance from what could only be described...
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