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WATCH: Right-Wing Christians Stage Bizarre Passion Play by Dressing Up as Pete Buttigieg and Whipping Jesus

A group of anti-LGBT protesters followed Pete Buttigieg to another town in Iowa for a bizarre demonstration. One man demonstrated his hatred for homosexuality by dressing up as Buttigieg and whipping another man dressed as Jesus on the cross, while a third man dressed as Satan harangued confused onlookers in front of a garage in Marshalltown. “Beat the savior, beat him — I hate this guy,” said the man dressed as Satan. “Yes, more blood, Peter. Every vote is a lash on the back of Christ.” Oh my god. The...
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Christian University President Falsely Attacks Pete Buttigieg: ‘Please Stop Telling Us What Kind of Sex You Like’

“Please stop telling us what kind of sex you like,” Christian school’s president says, only because Buttigieg – who has never talked about sex in his campaign – is married to a man. “This is a matter of your proclivities,” and “your personal peccadillos,” says Dr. Piper. Dr. Everett Piper is the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, a small private evangelical Christian college that leans far to the right. He’s also a contributing columnist at The Washington Times, a newspaper founded in 1982 by a conglomerate owned by the Unification movement, a...
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Republicans Invited Candace Owens to Testify Before Congress. It Didn’t Go Well.

For over a year Republicans and right-wing activists have been promoting the false claim that conservatives are being “silenced” and marginalized on social media platforms. GOP lawmakers love the idea, despite it being entirely false, because it allows them to continue the victimization belief that is at the center of Trumpism: “If only liberals and brown people weren’t part of America we could go back to the way things were” idea. Things were never the way they think they were. On Tuesday the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Hate Crimes and the...
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Screaming Match Between Right Wing Zealot US Senator and AG Barr Scuttles Nomination of Asian-American Woman

Jessie Liu was the first woman President Donald Trump nominated to become a U.S. Attorney, after Attorney General Jeff Sessions abruptly and en masse fired all U.S. Attorneys in 2017. Now the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Liu was President Trump’s nominee to replace Rachel Brand, the first woman to serve as Associate U.S. Attorney General. Brand left the DOJ in February of 2018 and the office, like many in the Trump administration, has remained vacant since. But now Liu has pulled her name from consideration after far...
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‘Part of the Fabric of Life’: Missouri House Passes Minister’s Bill Allowing Bible to Be Taught in Schools

Lawmakers in the Missouri House of Representatives this week passed a bill that would allow the Christian bible to be taught in public schools. The legislation, sponsored by a freshman Republican Rep. Ben Baker who is also an ordained minister and the dean of a bible college, passed 95-52, the AP and Newsweek report. “The Bible is simply a part of the fabric of life,” Rep. Baker told a Missouri House committee last month. St. Louis Public Radio reports that “Baker says the aim of the class would be to...
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