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WATCH: Right-Wing Christians Stage Bizarre Passion Play by Dressing Up as Pete Buttigieg and Whipping Jesus

A group of anti-LGBT protesters followed Pete Buttigieg to another town in Iowa for a bizarre demonstration. One man demonstrated his hatred for homosexuality by dressing up as Buttigieg and whipping another man dressed as Jesus on the cross, while a third man dressed as Satan harangued confused onlookers in front of a garage in Marshalltown. “Beat the savior, beat him — I hate this guy,” said the man dressed as Satan. “Yes, more blood, Peter. Every vote is a lash on the back of Christ.” Oh my god. The...
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Christian University President Falsely Attacks Pete Buttigieg: ‘Please Stop Telling Us What Kind of Sex You Like’

“Please stop telling us what kind of sex you like,” Christian school’s president says, only because Buttigieg – who has never talked about sex in his campaign – is married to a man. “This is a matter of your proclivities,” and “your personal peccadillos,” says Dr. Piper. Dr. Everett Piper is the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, a small private evangelical Christian college that leans far to the right. He’s also a contributing columnist at The Washington Times, a newspaper founded in 1982 by a conglomerate owned by the Unification movement, a...
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Pence Doubles Down: Pete Buttigieg’s Belief God Made Him Gay Infringes on My First Amendment Religious Freedom

Vice President Mike Pence is accusing Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg of infringing on his First Amendment right of freedom of religion. In an interview with CNN, the Vice President was asked about the South Bend, Indiana mayor saying that if Pence disagrees that people are born gay he has a “quarrel” with Buttigieg’s “creator,” and not with Buttigieg. Vice President Pence for days now has been attacking “Mayor Pete,” wrongly claiming Buttigieg is attacking him and his Christian faith, which Buttigieg has not done. On Thursday, in a just-aired interview,...
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Pope Benedict Blames the 1960’s Sexual Revolution and ‘Homosexual Cliques’ for Priests’ Rampant Child Sex Abuse

Former Pope Benedict XVI has emerged from years of relative silence to declare that the “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s, “homosexual cliques” inside seminaries, and a societal collapse in morality are to blame for the Catholic Church’s decades-long international scandal of priests raping children. Before becoming Pope Benedict he was Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, the Vatican’s man in charge of managing the growing revelations of the Catholic Church’s child sexual abuse scandal. Ratzinger has been accused of personally making decisions to not punish priests who raped young and teen boys...
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WATCH: Pence Goes After Buttigieg – Then Plays Victim While Admitting He Still Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

Vice President Mike Pence once again is using the media to fight back against an LGBT person. Last year the Vice President battled Olympic skater Adam Rippon, making thinly-veiled disparaging remarks as only Mike Pence can, and attacking him before he was to perform. And now, Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg is getting the Pence treatment. “He said some things that are critical of my Christian faith and about me personally,” Pence told CNBC’s Squawk Box in an interview that will air Thursday morning. “And he knows better. He knows me,”...

Bizarre secret Scientology museum pins blame for Holocaust and 9/11 on psychiatry

The Church of Scientology has been running a museum in Los Angeles that blames the entire practice of psychiatry for crimes against humanity ranging from the Holocaust to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Daily Beast reports that the Scientology-funded museum, which is called “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death,” features exhibits that include a film that warns viewers that the sinister tentacles of psychiatry are responsible for horrific tragedies “everywhere you look.” In addition to the film, the Daily Beast reports that museum goers are then treated to a “dimly-lit maze...
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‘We Are All Now More Stupid’: Democratic Rep. Blasts Ben Carson Over LGBT Protections Stonewalling (Video)

U.S. Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL) blasted Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson for his responses Wednesday over guidance removed from HUD’s website, which helped protect LGBT people. “We are all now more stupid than we were when we came in the room today sir, thank you,” Rep. Quigley concluded (video below) after going around and around with Secretary Carson. At issue, the guidance that explains how to not discriminate against LGBT people. Secretary Carson claimed that it was not necessary for the guidance to appear on HUD’s website because the rules...
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‘Part of the Fabric of Life’: Missouri House Passes Minister’s Bill Allowing Bible to Be Taught in Schools

Lawmakers in the Missouri House of Representatives this week passed a bill that would allow the Christian bible to be taught in public schools. The legislation, sponsored by a freshman Republican Rep. Ben Baker who is also an ordained minister and the dean of a bible college, passed 95-52, the AP and Newsweek report. “The Bible is simply a part of the fabric of life,” Rep. Baker told a Missouri House committee last month. St. Louis Public Radio reports that “Baker says the aim of the class would be to...
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‘As a Christian, I Believe It’s Possible’: Pompeo Strongly Suggests Trump Was Put on Earth to Save the Jews

‘I Am Confident That the Lord Is at Work Here’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered alarming views during an exclusive interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN News). CBN News asked if President Donald Trump could be like a 2,500 year-old character in the Old Testament. “Could it be, that President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time like this just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from an Iranian menace?” CBN News asked. “As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s...
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