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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


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‘Put Homos to Death’: Unrepentant Homophobic Hate-Preaching Sheriff’s Deputy Doubles Down in New Sermon

A Tennessee Sheriff’s Deputy who is also a fundamentalist Christian Baptist pastor was exposed as a hate-spewing homophobic Bible-pounding preacher this week. Grayson Fritts, aware of the public outrage, Wednesday evening held a service that appeared to be a response to news reports revealing he had called for all LGBT people to be arrested, tried, and executed for being LGBT, based on his Biblical beliefs. Wednesday’s sermon (video below) was far more fiery than the one from earlier this month that has drawn national attention. In trump’s that June 2 sermon...
anti-gayGrayson FrittsHate speechLawNewsPoliticsReligionRELIGIOUS EXTREMISMreligious extremistsTennessee

Sheriff’s Detective Says He’s ‘Sick of Sodomy’ – Delivers Bible-Pounding Sermon Calling for Execution of LGBT People

‘Sick of Sodomy Getting Crammed Down Our Throats’ A Tennessee Sheriff’s Detective is under fire after calling for the Bible-based state-sponsored arrest and execution of all LGBTQ people. Detective Grayson Fritts, who is also a pastor at the All Scripture Baptist Church in Knoxville, on Sunday, June 2, delivered a sermon (video below) titled “Why Leviticus 20:13 Should Still Be Enforced.” As Fritts begins his hour and seven-minute long sermon, he says he doesn’t want to preach about Leviticus – a portion of the Old Testament Bible that calls for...
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‘Death to Gays’ Pastors to Hold ‘Make America Straight Again’ Conference to Coincide With Pulse Massacre Anniversary

Steven Anderson, a far right wing pastor known for calling for the death of gay people will be one of several religious extremists holding a “Make America Straight Again” conference in Orlando on Friday. Today marks the third anniversary of the Pulse massacre, where 49 people, mostly LGBTQ people of color, were gunned down in what has been called the largest hate crime in U.S. history. Many are expected to travel to Orlando this week, to commemorate the horrific attack and mourn the tragic loss of life. As Friendly Atheist’s...
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GOP Senators Force Trump Nominee to Withdraw Because He Didn’t Give Catholics Extra Rights to Discriminate Against Gays

Prominent Michigan attorney Michael Bogren on Tuesday withdrew his nomination to become a District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan after being attacked by several Republican Senators who accused him of anti-religious bigotry and not giving Catholics extra rights to discriminate against gay people. Those U.S. Senators were pushed in to action after an anti-gay hate group, the Family Research Council, along with two far right organizations, the Catholic League and the Judicial Crisis Network, urged President Donald Trump to pull Bogren’s nomination. It...

HHS Being Sued Over Policy Giving Special Religious Rights to Healthcare Professionals Over LGBT People and Women

The Trump administration’s Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) is facing two separate lawsuits just filed by the ACLU and by Planned Parenthood. The filings seek to strike down a new policy that would give people of faith special religious rights to discriminate, especially against LGBT people and women. The new policy, slated to go into effect July 22, would provide “conscience protections” to health care workers and professionals. Those protections would allow, say, a doctor to not perform an abortion, even to save the life of a mother....
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Under Investigation: D.A. Who Bragged His Religious Beliefs Control His Decisions in Cases Against Same-Sex Spouses

A controversial Tennessee District Attorney is now facing an official state investigation after leaked audio exposed him bragging about refusing to recognize same-sex spouses as legally married, and doing so based on his religious beliefs. Those beliefs, Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott claimed, mean he doesn’t have to use the law to protect LGBT people. The state Court’s Board of Professional Responsibility is now investigating Northcott, the Tennessean reports. Northcott, in a 2018 speech to pastors bragged that his God does not recognize the marriages of legally-wed same-sex couples. He...
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Mike Pence: Only One Flag Should Be Flying at US Embassies

Vice President Mike Pence weighed in on the controversy surrounding the U.S. State Dept.’s ban of the gay pride flag, which for nearly a decade has flown at U.S. embassies around the world during LGBTQ pride month. The Trump administration this year banned the flag from flying on flagpoles at U.S. embassies. In years previous, since the Obama-era and even in the first years of the Trump administration, pride flags flying were allowed. Pence praised Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a right wing conservative Christian, for banning the LGBT flag....
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Trump Administration Axes Federal Funding for HIV Treatment Testing Research

The Trump administration has just killed a multi-million dollar contract with a California research lab that was testing new HIV treatments. The Washington Post calls it “a significant tightening of federal support for biomedical science that relies on material collected from elective abortions.” The lab uses fetal tissue. The Trump administration and Republicans across the country are waging war on abortion. Also axed is all funding at the National Institutes of Health that involves the use of fetal tissue. The number of programs affected has not yet been disclosed. This is...
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