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Pope accepts resignation of conservative archbishop who thinks people choose to be gay

The Pope has accepted the resignation of the Catholic archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput, who believes that being gay is “disordered” and a choice. All Catholic bishops and archbishops are required to hand in their resignation when they turn 75, but the Pope can either accept their resignation or reject it and allow them to stay on. The New York Times reported: “In this case, the Pope did not wait long before saying yes.” Chaput is infamously anti-LGBT+ and, although the Catholic church is not generally inclusive of LGBT+ people,...
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Parents File Lawsuit Against Kentucky School That Expelled Daughter Over Rainbow Cake

The parents of a Kentucky teen who was expelled for celebrating her birthday with a rainbow cake have filed a lawsuit against the school. Courthouse News reports: The parents of Kentucky high school student Kayla Kenney sued Louisville’s Whitefield Academy in Jefferson County Circuit Court Thursday for breach of contract, emotional distress and defamation. … The lawsuit claims that the school’s expulsion of Kayla skipped several steps in its disciplinary process, and that school officials’ subsequent release of details about Kayla’s disciplinary record violated its privacy policies. … Also named...
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Church of England: Sex is for Married Straight Couples Only

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash In a nod to conservatives, the Church of England has issued guidance reaffirming its stance that sex belongs only within heterosexual marriages. More specifically, the Anglican church clarified that gay or straight members who enter civil partnerships instead of marriages should remain celibate. The guidance comes following the introduction of opposite-sex civil partnerships in England. Both same-sex civil partnerships and same-sex marriage were already legal in England. However, the Church of England doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, and requires clergy in same-sex civil partnerships to remain celibate. The...
FIRST AMENDMENT? WHAT FIRST AMENDMENT?FloridaLawLGBTQNewsPoliticsReligionseparation of church and state

Florida Taxpayers Spend $129 Million to Pay for the Anti-LGBTQ Education of Thousands of Students in Schools That Ban Homosexuality

The concept of separation of church and state seems to be all but dead in the state of Florida. Anti-LGBTQ religious activists have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, convincing lawmakers that the taxpayers should foot the bill for nearly any school parents want to send their children – including private Christian and other religious schools that promote anti-LGBTQ hate. Taxpayers are literally paying to teach children of all ages that being LGBTQ is a sin. The Orlando Sentinel has just published a deep dive into just how extensive the push...
Church of Englandcivil partnershipReligionSame-sex marriageSexUK

Church of England emphatically declares that sex is only for married, heterosexual couples

The Church of England has declared that opposite-sex married couples are the only people who should be having sex in a newly released document. Bishops from the institution have doubled down on their stance on same-sex marriage and sex outside of marriage following the Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling that heterosexual couples should have access to civil partnerships. The pastoral statement from the House of Bishops claims that sex outside of marriage falls “short of God’s purposes for human beings”. Furthermore, they write that people in civil partnerships – whether same-sex...
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Another Orthodox Jewish school gets Ofsted warning for avoiding new LGBT-inclusive curriculum

Another Orthodox Jewish school has been reprimanded by Ofsted for refusing to enact LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education, which will be compulsory in all UK schools from September 2020. The Keser Girls’ School in Gateshead teaches a secular curriculum for 421 girls aged between five and 11. It was rated ‘good’ in most of the education inspector’s categories, but received an overall grade of ‘requires improvement’ because it did not fulfil the conditions for good leadership and management. According to the report, Ofsted’s discussions with school leaders confirmed that it...
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Tory politician under fire for saying Jewish schools shouldn’t teach homosexuality or atheism

Conservatives in Hackney are investigating Tory councillor Aron Klein after he said that Jewish faith schools should remain unregistered so children won’t get “ideas” about homosexuality or atheism. Klein made the comments after the Hackney Gazette revealed that the local council is struggling to get all local schools registered with Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills). In emails sent to the newspaper, Conservative councillor Klein said: “The Haredi community pride itself with a youth clean and pure from crime.” Tory councillor Aron Klein said Ofsted-registered schools would give...
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Chick-fil-A still wants a permanent UK restaurant despite immense backlash and two branches already closing

Despite immense backlash over its funding of anti-LGBT+ organisations, Chick-fil-A has insisted that it will push forward with opening a “permanent” UK location. The statement comes on the same day that the UK’s only remaining Chick-fil-A shut its doors after facing a fierce public boycott. A second location in a shopping centre in Reading was also forced to close after sustained pressure from LGBT+ activists. The chicken chain said the closure of the restaurant inside the Macdonald Aviemore Resort in the Scottish Highlands was not related to the backlash, despite a petition...
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Traumatising conversion therapy for LGBT children has finally been banned in Mormon state Utah

Traumatising conversion therapy is now officially illegal for LGBT+ children in Utah, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS church), commonly known as the Mormon Church, is headquartered. The anti-LGBT+ LDS church dominates politics in Utah and around a third of all Mormons in the US live in the state. Most US states have a Mormon population of between zero and five percent, but according to the latest LDS figures, 68 percent of the Utah population is Mormon. The proportion of the population who are members of...
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