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Kenya’s lesbian pastor says LGBT people are ‘children of God’

Kenya’s first lesbian pastor has defended her sexuality and said that LGBT+ people are “children of God” in a powerful interview. Jacinta Nzilani—who came out as a lesbian in February of this year—made the comments in an interview with Kenya’s Tuko TV when she was asked about Biblical passages condemning homosexuality. The evangelist who preaches in Nairobi replied: “God didn’t give us freedom which is limited—it is unlimited. I am free to choose what I want.” She continued: “The way they relate—the way they associate and express themselves—should not be...
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Right-Wing Pastor Falsely Claims Pete Buttigieg Wants to Turn America Into a ‘Homocracy’

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson dedicated a good portion of his “The Awakening” radio program yesterday to railing against Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, declaring himself disgusted by seeing Buttigieg, who is gay, kiss his husband and warning that LGBTQ rights activists are trying to turn America into a “homocracy.” “A big old smack in the mouth between two men,” groused Jackson. “A normal man is disgusted by the idea of two men kissing each other on the mouth. A normal man is disgusted by that. People can try to be politically...
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WATCH: Right-Wing Christians Stage Bizarre Passion Play by Dressing Up as Pete Buttigieg and Whipping Jesus

A group of anti-LGBT protesters followed Pete Buttigieg to another town in Iowa for a bizarre demonstration. One man demonstrated his hatred for homosexuality by dressing up as Buttigieg and whipping another man dressed as Jesus on the cross, while a third man dressed as Satan harangued confused onlookers in front of a garage in Marshalltown. “Beat the savior, beat him — I hate this guy,” said the man dressed as Satan. “Yes, more blood, Peter. Every vote is a lash on the back of Christ.” Oh my god. The...

It Took Just 2 Weeks for One Man to Infect 3 Dozen People With This Highly-Contagious Potentially Fatal Disease

He drove from New York City to Michigan last month, stayed in different people’s homes during his two-week trip fundraising for a charity. When he first arrived he felt ill, and sought a doctor’s care. He was diagnosed with bronchitis. As The Washington Post reports, he didn’t have bronchitis. He had a disease so contagious “that if an unvaccinated person walks through a room up to two hours after someone” with the disease “has left, there’s a 90 percent chance the unvaccinated person will get sick.” That disease is measles....
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Mayor Pete Blasts Mike Pence Again for Using Religious Beliefs ‘as an Excuse to Harm Other People’ — WATCH

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was asked in an interview on CNN’s New Day about Mike Pence’s response to the gay South Bend mayor’s criticism of the vice president and former Indiana governor’s use of religion to attack LGBTQ people. MICHELANGELO SIGNORILE: Mike Pence’s Greatest Strength For Trump is Becoming a Weakness — and Mayor Pete Buttigieg is Responsible For It Said Buttigieg: “The Vice President is entitled to his religious beliefs. My problem is when those religious beliefs are used as an excuse to harm other people. That was a...
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