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California City Bans Flying of LGBTQ Pride Flag Over City Hall After Hateful Resident Calls Gays Pedophiles: WATCH

The city of Dublin, California has decided it will not fly the LGBTQ Pride flag over city hall after it was proposed by a gay city council member and then shot down by a number of hateful residents who spoke out at a public forum. At a city council meeting the bigots spoke loudly, asking if the city then has to fly the Confederate flag or the Black Lives Matter flag, or a communist flag. Said another resident: “At the end of the day, I believe there is another letter...
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Hate Crime Investigation Opened After Pride Flag Burned Outside LGBTQ-Themed Baltimore Shop

A Pride flag was burned outside Same Gender Love, a boutique in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, this week. Merrick Moses, board chair of the Pride Center of Maryland, was filming an episode of Queer Conversations, “an internet series featuring racial, sexual and gender minorities,” when the flag was burned, the Baltimore Sun reports. Moses posted photos of the flag on Facebook, and wrote: ‘We were just minding our own “queer” business, not hurting anyone. Why burn our flag? What’s the purpose? Why can’t LGBTQ people live in peace?’ Police have...
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School Bans All Rainbows, LGBTQ Paraphernalia in Response to Students Posting Racist, Homophobic Flyers

Last month we reported on an ugly incident at McCormick Junior High in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Students wearing Confederate flags distributed racist and homophobic flyers in an effort to bully students in McCormick Junior High School’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). The flyers showed a “NO” symbol covering a Pride flag and read “It’s great to be straight. It’s not ok to be gay.” They also read, “Black lives only matter because if it weren’t for them who would pick our cotton” and “Join the kkk (the confederate kid club)”. As a...
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