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At least 15 people have been diagnosed with HIV while waiting for access to PrEP on NHS

At least 15 people in England have received a HIV diagnosis after being denied access to PrEP, a drug that stops a person from contracting the virus. In England, people who want to access PrEP through the NHS must participate in a trial – however, places are restricted. Some of the trials are full and have been closed to new applicants. It is possible to access PrEP outside of the trial, however doing so would require people to pay a high cost to get the drug privately. One of the...
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Scientists just discovered a rare gene that gives people immunity to HIV

Scientists in Spain have discovered that people with a rare genetic anomaly are resistant to HIV infection, a finding which could lead to new treatments for the virus. Researchers from the Institute of Health Carlos III, in Madrid, tested blood samples from 23 distantly-related donors who all had a particular form of muscular dystrophy. When scientists introduced HIV to the samples, the virus failed to replicate. This immunity was due to the TNPO3 gene, which is needed in order for HIV to spread through the blood. The test subjects all...

New HIV diagnoses fall by a third in three years – but charities warn ‘more needs to be done’

New HIV diagnoses in England have fallen by almost one-third since 2015 and are at their lowest level since 2000, but experts have warned that more must be done to end transmissions entirely. New government data by Public Health England (PHE) reveals that HIV diagnoses fell by 6 percent from 4,761 in 2017 to 4,484 in 2018. Overall, new transmissions have fallen 28 percent from 2015, when they stood at 6,271. The steepest decline over the three-year period was seen among men who have sex with man, with a 39...
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