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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Dwyane Wadegabrielle unionNBAParentingTrans

Arena packed with basketball fans erupts with applause for Dwyane Wade’s trans daughter Zaya

An arena full of basketball fans has burst into applause at the sight of Dwyane Wade’s recently out trans daughter Zaya appearing on the big screen. The moment of support for the young trans girl came during Wade’s retirement ceremony at the AmericanAirlines arena, when a tribute video to the three-time champion was shown on the jumbotron. Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, was shown giving her congratulations on his career – and then 12-year-old Zaya appeared on the big screen. As can be seen in a video posted to Twitter, the...
Coming outEducationFloridaFlorida Department of EducationLifeNewsParentingPort St LucieUS

Teacher tries to shame young girls by asking if they’re queer in front of their entire class

A mother says she’s been forced to homeschool her daughter after a schoolteacher asked if she was queer in front of her entire class. Jezenia Gambino pulled her preteen daughter out of Northport K-8 in Port St Lucie, Florida, after she was shamed by a teacher. “The rumour was that my daughter and another fifth-grade little girl were dating,” Gambino told WPTV News. After the girls’ teacher heard the rumour, she asked the them “if they were together, if they were dating as a couple together”. Gambino said she “asked...
Amazonamerican airlinesNewsNikeParentingTennesseeUS

Nearly 150 companies, including Nike and Amazon, oppose law banning LGBT couples adopting children

Amazon, Nike, American Airlines and nearly 150 other companies are opposing a Tennessee law that prevents LGBT+ couples adopting children. The law, which was signed by Tennessee governor Bill Lee in January 2020, means adoption agencies can deny service to LGBT+ couples. The controversial measure enshrines adoption agencies the right to discriminate against same-sex couples. Lee’s office cited “religious liberty” as justification to make it law. “We believe Tennessee’s continued growth and innovation rely on the state being open and welcoming to everyone,” the companies said in a February 5...
agony auntdancerLesbianLifeParentingUS

Dancer gets a lesson in tolerance after saying she feels ‘weird’ changing near her friend’s lesbian mothers

A 13-year-old dancer has been given an important lesson on tolerance after she wrote to an advice columnist over her discomfort with a friend’s lesbian parents. The teenage girl wrote to Jeanne Phillips of The Mercury News after she had a dance recital where mothers helped their daughters change in the dressing room. She was made uncomfortable when she saw that a girl near her had two mothers, telling the advice columnist that the lesbian couple’s presence made her feel “self-conscious.” “I’m normally not like this, but it felt awkward,...
child traffickingNewsParentingSan DiegoUberUS

Uber driver reports gay dads for child trafficking because their baby ‘didn’t have a mother’

An Uber driver accused a same-sex couple of trafficking a child because their baby “did not have a mother”. Service designer James Moed was in the back of a cab with his husband and son on January 29 in the San Diego area, on their way to their hotel. Checking-into the Marriott Marina, law enforcement knocked on the door of his and his partner’s hotel room at 1.30am the following morning demanding to see their identification documents. Including their son’s passport. Uber driver allegedly reported a gay couple for ‘trafficking’...
Coming outFamilyjames lubbockLifeParenting

This guy’s mum and dad both came out in the same week and we need the Hollywood adaptation immediately

James Lubbock had a normal childhood. Filled with sun-splashed holidays, watching his parents play Trivial Pursuit and attending school. But his stock photo-grade life was rattled when his father coming out as gay… and then his mother just days after. Lubbock, the author of Breaking Dad, penned an op-ed for Huffington Post about his experience of having both parents come out and if Netflix don’t pick it up as a series we would sue, to be honest. Both this guy’s parents came out to him over dinner within days of one another.  He idolised...
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