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Dad claims he ‘loves his son dearly’ but refuses to accept his sexuality in heartbreaking letter

A dad has written a heartbreaking letter to a New Zealand advice columnist saying he is unable to accept his 16-year-old son’s sexuality. In the letter, published by, the man wrote that his son came out as gay three months ago. The boy explained to his father that he knew he was different from other boys from the age of seven. “While, at first, I was kind of OK with it and trying to be an open-minded, accepting dad for him, in the last month it really has been...
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Two thirds of gay and bi couples have stronger relationships after getting a dog, study finds

Two thirds of gay and bi couples that have dogs said that their fur babies made their relationships stronger, according to a new study. The research on pups and romantic relationships was carried out by, the world’s largest dog sitting and walking platform. Of the gay and bi couples surveyed, more than half (56 per cent) also said having a dog meant that they spent more time together. They also viewed dog ownership as a greater commitment to their other half than setting up a joint bank account or...
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Daycare centre rejected twin boys because they have two gay dads

A pair of three-year-old twin boys were turned away from a Swiss daycare centre because they have two gay fathers. The playgroup in Lenzburg, central Switzerland, refused to enroll Rafael and Rahul because its owner believes that a gay couple raising children is “neither normal nor natural.” The daycare director told Stefan, one of the twins’ fathers, that the decision was for the benefit of the children. “She said that little ones could be very mean to each other, so she did not want to have children from a gay...
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Thousands sign letter condemning senator Ted Cruz’s stance on landmark transgender custody case

More than 2,000 parents and advocates have signed a letter to senator Ted Cruz condemning his “harmful” comments that a mother supporting her transgender child’s transition is committing “child abuse”. Cruz made the comments in response to a father who lost joint custody of his estranged transgender daughter after he sought to force her to live as a boy. However, the ruling was overturned and his joint custody was reinstated the same day.  Jeffrey Younger opposes his wife’s decision to affirm Luna in her true gender, and believes she should...
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