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Friday, October 18, 2019


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Devastating Poll Destroys Trump on Syria and Proves Even GOP Voters Will Turn Against Him When Republicans Speak Out

A just-released USA Today/IPSOS poll may be a turning point for the Trump presidency – and could show Republican Senators they can vote to convict Trump, remove him from office, and keep their jobs. More than half of Americans (54%) said President Trump’s withdrawing U.S. troops from northern Syria “is damaging the U.S.’ reputation as a trusted ally.” That 54% includes 72% of Democrats, 50% of Independents, and 44% of Republicans. Just 36% of Republicans disagreed. A whopping three out of four Americans who are familiar with the news of Trump...
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On National Coming Out Day, it’s time for bosses to come out and celebrate their LGBT+ employees

Diversity and inclusion can mean many things to many people. It can evoke an emotional experience when, for whatever reason, someone found themselves to be ‘different’. Or it can conjure up the moment that – whether as a child, teen or adult – someone began to realise they didn’t quite fit the mould ready made for them. I remember vividly the lengths I went to cover it up. So after finally coming out, to have a recruiter say only a few years ago: “I’d take off the gay and LGBT+...
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This World Mental Health Day, spare a thought for the trans children whose lives have become unbearable

One hundred and sixty days ago, one Friday afternoon in May, I went to my doctor. “I’m transgender,” I told him, “and I want to be referred to a gender clinic.” His response was perfect: apologising for not knowing much about trans healthcare, he pulled up the referral form on his computer and asked if I would stay so that we could fill it in together. When prompted by the form, I explained that I identify as non-binary, and he said he’d come across the term before but didn’t know...
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His Broken Promise on the Economy Made George H.W. Bush a One-Term President – Trump’s Lies on the Economy May Do the Same

President Donald Trump may end up a one-term president, given he seems to be walking in President George H.W. Bush’s footsteps says a former economics assistant professor in his column at Bloomberg Opinion. Trump’s tariffs, if they all go into effect, “will amount to a $200 billion annual tax increase,” writes Karl Smith. “That’s larger than the $165 billion average annual reduction in 2017’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act.” As it is, most Americans say they didn’t feel the Trump tax cuts, and that’s likely because they were designed to...
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Football writer Nicky Bandini came out as transgender and the timing was… convenient

Renowned sports journalist Nicky Bandini came out as transgender this week. It was everything you’d want, if your job means – as Nicky Bandini’s does – that you need to come out publicly: a national newspaper gave her the space to tell her story, in her own words; it updated her author page to reflect her name change; and prominent journalists and sportspeople offered her their support, admiration and congratulations. The surprising part? The day before Nicky Bandini came out, it was revealed that two trans employees recently quit the...
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