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This gay guy’s family for some reason thinks his open marriage is any of their business

A gay man is in a happy, loving relationship – with two other men – and naturally, his family are not happy about it. Funnily enough, it is not the parents of the man who are unhappy with the arrangement. Instead, it’s his two sisters and brother-in-law who have taken issue with the set-up. The troubling situation was written about in a letter to an advice columnist at Canada’s The Star. The father of one-third of the throuple wrote in to find out what he should do about the awkwardness...
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RuPaul discusses his open marriage in rare, candid interview

“What are you afraid of?” the Vanity Fair reporter asked RuPaul, in what may have been the drag icon’s most candid interview yet. “Ignorant people,” Ru calmly replied, “it’s the only thing I’m afraid of.” Asking questions across four categories – identity, family, culture and work – the literal covergirl for this month’s Vanity Fair was totally transparent, a rarity for the TV personality. As the camera steadily zooms in as RuPaul answers the reporter’s questions, RuPaul touches on an array of raw topics. Such as loneliness, his open marriage...
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