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Using ‘OK boomer’ in the workplace could be against the law yet LGBT people can still be fired for simply existing

An employment lawyer has warned that using “OK boomer” could fall foul of employment discrimination laws, and yet, LGBT+ people can still be fired simply for existing. “OK boomer” is the viral phrase that has divided generations. Many millennials and Gen Zs – including 25-year-old New Zealand MP Chloe Swarbrick – have adopted the term to signal “the absolute sense of exhaustion with having to articulate time and time again that things never seem to change on a systemic level, and then being met with dismissal”. But for some (not...
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A queer MP shut down a fellow politician using ‘OK boomer’ and, honestly, we have no choice but to stan

A boomer MP was left shaken after his boomer remarks were shut down in the most boomer-ending way. “OK boomer” has become a rallying cry for millennials and Gen Zs who are fed up with older people speaking down to them. Ignoring the climate crisis? OK boomer. Not acknowledging generational inequality? OK boomer. Interrupting a queer parliamentarian as she explains why the two are intertwined? Definitely OK boomer. Chlöe Swarbrick, a 25-year-old Green MP in New Zealand, went viral after an exchange with an MP twice her age. She was...
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