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Journalist fired after claiming a man launched a ‘HIV attack’ by spitting in a police officer’s mouth

CBS New York has confirmed that a reporter who named a man and revealed his HIV status in a dangerously misleading report has been dismissed. The journalist was sacked after writing an article suggesting that a man put a police officer at risk of acquiring HIV by spitting in his mouth after he had been arrested for stealing a yoghurt at LaGuardia Airport. The alleged incident was described as a “HIV attack” in a tweet penned by the reporter, who also wrote that the “suspect admitted they spit into an...
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Scorned Patron Arrested After Sending Fake Anthrax, Death Threats to NYC Gay Bar

Ameen Keshavjee, a former customer of NYC’s Nowhere Bar on East 14th Street in Manhattan, was charged this week with one count of mailing a threatening communication and one count of conveying an anthrax hoax threat, after he sent an envelope containing what he said was the deadly agent to an employee at the bar. Keshavjee was prone to sending bonkers emails to the establishment. An employee at the bar had told him in February 2019 that if he continued sending messages he would no longer be welcome. Keshavjee stopped...
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Transgender teen sues state of New York for refusing to let him correct his birth certificate

A 14-year-old transgender boy is suing the state of New York as he is unable to change the sex listed on his birth certificate. Identified in the lawsuit by the initials MHW, the high schooler currently lives in Houston, Texas, where he began hormone replacement therapy in September. He has been able to change his name, passport and Social Security card to reflect his gender. However, his birth certificate remains female because he was born in Ithaca, and the state of New York does not allow minors to change their...
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A man has been arrested for beating a gay guy to death on Christmas Day in front of his husband

A man has been arrested in connection with the fatal beating of a gay man in the early hours of Christmas Day in New York. 18-year-old Abu Conteh has been arrested and charged with murder and gang assault after video footage showed him and a group of other men attacking Juan Fresnada, ABC News reports. The horrifying assault left Fresnada with a fractured skull and a bleed to the brain. The assailants fled the scene after robbing him of just $1, and Fresnada later died in hospital. Conteh has been...
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Teen Arrested in Fatal Gang Beating of Gay Man for $1 in NYC

Police arrested an 18-year-old who took part in the fatal gang beating of a gay man and his husband on Christmas eve in the Bronx borough of New York City. Juan Fresnada, 60, was walking with his husband Bayron Caceres, when they entered a deli where a man approached them demanding money. When they refused, they were brutally attacked by several individuals. Fresnada died of his injuries several days later. The assailants walked away with $1. 18-year-old Abu Conteh has been arrested and faces murder and gang assault charges. Two...
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Gay man beaten to death in front of husband by gang on Christmas Day morning

A gay Latinx man was violently beaten to death in front of his husband in the Bronx, New York in the early hours of Christmas Day. Juan Fresnada – who was known to friends as Cuba – was attacked alongside his husband Byron Caceres as they left a Bronx McDonald’s restaurant. The attackers stole just $1 from the man. In disturbing video footage, 60-year-old Fresnada can be seen being violently thrown to the ground where he was stamped on repeatedly. Shockingly, cars and buses can be seen driving past the...
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This is the first known recording of trans icons Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson

The first-ever known recording of trans icons Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson has been uncovered, hidden in the basement of New York’s Lesbian Herstory Archives. After taking part in the Stonewall uprising in 1969, the two became known as trans activists and pioneers of the gay rights movement. The taped interview recorded in 1970 was discovered in the Brooklyn basement by Brian Ferree, archival researcher for the podcast Making Gay History, and he said it was simply marked “STAR”. “Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries”, otherwise known as “STAR”, was a group founded...
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Apparently, applying to be part of an exclusive LGBT-friendly sex party is pretty simple

The skyscraper canyons of New York City are crammed with dim sim restaurants, glass cube-shaped banks, gap-toothed 7-Elevens and an uncountable number of organised sex parties. At a Manhattan-based playhouse, the stalwart of monoamory is left behind at the door, as members clink champagne glasses in a space where organisers pride themeless in being LGBT-friendly, Business Insider reported. NSFW, which stands for ‘New Society for Wellness’, is designed as a place where it’s not just the Gordon Gekkos of the world to dip into sex parties in dark room, but...
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