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Trophy Hunter Says She’s ‘Proud’ of Killing ‘Majestic’ Giraffe: ‘They Are Put Here for Us’ — WATCH

Trophy Hunter Tess Talley spoke with CBS This Morning about the viral photo she took in 2017 posing with a giraffe she had killed. After posing with the decorative pillows she had made with him, which she said “everybody loves,” Talley explained that “not only was he beautiful and majestic” but he was “delicious.” “I see it as a hobby. It’s something that I love to do. This hunt was conservation. We are preserving the wildlife. We are managing herds. We are hunters. I’m proud to be a hunter. I’m...
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High-Tech Fishing Gear Could Help Save Critically Endangered Right Whales

“Right Whale At Sea” by animalrescueblog is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0  Many fish, marine mammals and seabirds that inhabit the world’s oceans are critically endangered, but few are as close to the brink as the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis). Only about 411 of these whales exist today, and at their current rate of decline, they could become extinct within our lifetimes. From 1980 through about 2010, conservation efforts focused mainly on protecting whales from being struck by ships. Federal regulations helped reduce vessel collisions and supported a slight rebound in right...

Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle, Perhaps the Last Female of the Species, Dies in China Zoo Leaving 3 Known Left in the World

China’s last female Yangtze giant softshell turtle died over the weekend at the Suzhou Zoo. She was the last known female of her species. Only three others are known to exist, one at the Suzhou Zoo and two others in separate lakes in Hanoi, Vietnam. Yangtze softshell turtles are the largest freshwater turtle species in the world. The turtles became threatened due to habitat loss and the use of the shell and bones for (useless) Chinese alternative medicine. China's last female Yangtze giant softshell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) died on Saturday...
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Why the Great Plains Has Such Epic Weather

Blizzard conditions cover the Central and Northern Plains on March 13, 2019. NASA Earth Observatory From 78 degrees on Tuesday to snow on Wednesday? Swings like this aren’t unusual in the central United States, where weather can quickly shift from one extreme to another. That’s especially true in the springtime, when conditions turn into a roller coaster, with balmy spring days followed by abrupt returns to winter. These wild swings have been on full display this spring, with a record-setting cyclone on March 13-14 and a second system this month bringing...
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Leonardo da Vinci Saw in Animals the ‘Image of the World’

From cats to dragonflies, Leonardo sketched scores of animals. Leonardo da Vinci/Royal Collection Trust About six months ago I stopped eating meat. I was teaching a graduate course at UCLA that investigated how Italian Renaissance writers conveyed their concepts about the human through writing about the nonhuman – plants, animals, objects, angels, demons, gods and God. As weeks passed, I found myself becoming more and more attuned to the nonhuman entities all around me, more aware of their vibrant lives. Cutting flowers for a short-lived bouquet seemed wrong; chewing on animal...
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10 ‘trans’, gender-bending animals that can change sex

There are species that have the ability to change their sex and/or appearance. While there are over 1,500 species that exhibit homosexual signs, there are also animals that are ‘gender-bending’, with the ability to change how they look and/or their biology. But in nature, we cannot determine if an animal is ‘transgender’ as it would need self-awareness and understanding of gender identification. We do not know if species beyond humans have such abilities. However, it is clear that some animals can change their sex or at least their appearance to...

Tourists in Iceland Run for Safety as Glacier Collapses: WATCH

Tourists standing at the edge of a lagoon at the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier in Iceland ran for safety on Sunday after a massive wall of ice calved and sent a wave to the opposite shore. Nobody was hurt by the natural event. Iceland Monitor reports: ‘The unique event was caught on video by Stephen Mantler, who works for the travel company Háfjall. He told RÚV national public broadcasting that such large waves are a rare occurrence in the lagoon. He stated that the tourists were well informed about how to react. “They...

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: A 300-Year-Old Cyclone Persists But is Shrinking

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/ Gerald Eichstädt /Seán Doran The Great Red Spot, a storm larger than the Earth and powerful enough to tear apart smaller storms that get drawn into it, is one of the most recognizable features in Jupiter’s atmosphere and the entire solar system. The counterclockwise-moving storm, an anticyclone, boasts wind speeds as high as 300 miles per hour. This prominent feature, observed since 1830, and possibly as far back as the 1660s, has long been a source of great fascination and scientific study. Much about the Great...
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