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Lesbian couple refused dance classes because it’d make others ‘awkward’

A lesbian couple from Missouri believe they were discriminated against when a dance company refused to provide them with classes. Michelle King and Amanda Shelton booked lessons at Prestige Ballroom in St. Louis in the run-up to their wedding, reports ABC’s local-affiliate KTRK-TV. Shelton had bought King a Groupon for the classes so they could prepare for their big day. But King said that the dance instructor, Dave Thompson, refused their business because they are lesbians. Couple claim they were refused dance classes because they are lesbians “He was like...
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Lesbian couple turned away from dance class, told they’d make lessons ‘awkward’

A lesbian couple in Missouri were reportedly denied entry to a dance class. They are now alleging discrimination based on their sexual orientation. What happened? Michelle King and Amanda Shelton are engaged and went to Prestige Ballroom in Des Peres, Missouri to learn how to dance for their upcoming wedding. According to ABC News 13, the couple were looking forward to their dance lessons, which they purchased on Groupon. That is, however, until dance instructor Dave Thompson said he would not accept their business because they are gay. ‘He was...
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